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    I found u can launch MW5 in dx11 or 12 by using start params -D3D11 or -D3D12, but i can’t seem to find a profile that will give good 3D, specifically G3D.
    Any one have luck/suggestions ?



    I wish it had a free demo to test. I’ve heard it has a proper vr mod already, have you tried that?

    I believe it’s an Unreal 4 game, in which case you could try many other vorpX games that also use the same engine. You would need to run the game in dx11 for this. It is getting harder to find matching G3D profiles for newer UE4 games these days, as the engine gets updated, but you might have luck trying some cloud profiles I’ve uploaded for recent games:

    Medieval Dynasty
    Ready or Not
    Ground Branch

    vorpX profiles: Hellblade and Unity 5 base are also worth a shot.

    Chances are that once you find a profile that provides a 3D effect, there may be a few shaders like shadows or decals that may not look correct in 3D. If bothersome, those are things you can disable using the Shader Authoring tool (press ctrl + End keys).


    Thanks for the suggestions, i did find that the profile for Grounded works quite nicely. No G3d but the z-normal is pretty good 3d effect even in the menus which was surprising..

    Thanks for replying….


    I realize this is an old thread, but I’m just posting for anyone who will try it. This is an amazing game with the native VR Mod called VRWarrior. I’ve put in around 35 hours so far and I’m totally in love. If you like the universe, you’ll love this game. It does require both a screen and VR to play though. I have my projector setup with the headset and its just perfect. The number of mods adds to the content once you’ve played through the vanilla game. You can get clan mechs [mad cat] and have all sorts of adventures. It’s a fantastic VR experience.

    One thing I have noticed is that the VR really pops when you change the display from TXAA to FXAA and also speeds up the game. If anyone wants to play Co-Op let me know.


    Just to add to my old posts, you can even play Mechwarrior in VR with non VR friends. I play with one of my friends, he plays on an ancient laptop with super low settings and I’m in VR on my vive. Really awesome game, bought all the DLCs and they’re all compatible with it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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