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    1) I have a Reverb G2 and I remember reading somewhere that there is a WMR mode that saves you 10-15% performance hit by bypassing SteamVR. How would I use this mode? Can anyone please link me to a guide or instructions?

    2) Also, how do I play 3d SBS videos in VLC and get them to display in my HMD. If these are fisheye videos, can VorpX display them properly in HMD or do I need a dedicated application for this?

    3) For some reason every time I run VorpX and open a video file in Media Player Classic, it deletes the file instead of playing it. Tried doing it in different ways such as double clicking the file or using the open menu item in media player classic with same result. Is this a known bug or is there a workaround for this?


    WMR is supported via SteamVR, there is no way to use a WMR headset without SteamVR. *Maybe* direct WMR support will be added at some point, but there is no timeline for that currently.

    You can change the video content type on the ‘Image’ page of the vorpX, SBS stereo as well as most common surround video formats are available.


    Hi Ralf!

    I already bothered you in a subject about my rift s never more hooking in his oculus intended mode, but was working throught steamVR again finaly.

    Mentionned that it was since my proximity sensor to wake-up the rift s was broken and not sure it was related to this…

    Now, i can assure you it was related to this issue! But i will not make a stupid long post to explain… This is surnatural.

    I was asking you also if it can destroy performance, and i can confirm that also now…

    Somes games can go from fully smooth (oculus mode) to unplayable (steamVR), regardless of the settings.
    Battlefront 2 for exemples… Everything to low or even lowering resolution didn’t helped (or a ridiculous amount). Throught oculus mode, i can have medium 1080p 70-80fps on 2070 super with textures and terrain details on ULTRA. On SteamVR it was HORRIBLE!
    somes other i can gain 5-10 FPS, but also more smooth in general, really more than the 5-10 fps gain could tell. Vram usage also grow when forced to use steamVR if i’m not mistaking. Monster Hunter World in this case. Medium basically and 50fps in worst case, 80 in the better one (desert environment only)

    So, i really hope that you will make a native WMR mode fearing that it can be the same story on the Reverb G2. I’m going to buy one when available again.
    Or at least, i hope the bottleneck is really lower than it is on oculus when using steamVR.

    I think you should. The headset is really wanted by a lot of people.

    Thanks if you considere this, and even hope you can answer a little bit about this please… If the steamVR mode will be so bad on Reverb G2?


    Can’t really say anything else than above (which is already more than what a wise man would have said ;)). Native WMR support is not out of the question, but also not a priority. I always have an eye on the Steam hardware survey data though. Currently WMR usage is at 5.5% and declining, but if the Reverb G2 is able to reverse this trend and leads to a significant increase, native WMR support would become more likely. Can’t promise anything though.


    Thanks for the reply Ralf!

    I think it’s declining because the G2 is maybe the only real WMR option…

    But!… It will grow with this headset i think. And more further with futures one available.
    Actually, it is just in a so unknown state, even HP themself seems to not be aware of the situation.
    It is out of stock anywhere, and it seems like a lots of people are waiting for it.

    So… Okay, the stats are lowering because it is the only one WMR that make sense at the moment and it is also unavailable…

    But numbers will grow up with time i think! With this one and futur ones.


    Oh and you’ve not answered :

    Did you think the bottleneck is as huge as oculus throught steamVR with G2?
    I hope not, because i think G2 is more intended to be used with steamVR than oculus, but i can’t really tell until i’m able to purchase one…


    Oh! And both examples (Battlefront 2 and Monster Hunter) was in G3D.
    Z3D was fine in steamVR but… with direct oculus compatibility, i was able to jump in G3D, thing that was impossible in steamVR…

    So… a HUGE improvment.

    An other example was RE2 Remake… The difference was just stupidly HUGE!


    I believe Microsoft is comitted to moving to OpenXR, like Oculus and Valve, so instead of MRTK suppport, OpenXR support would be more futureproof and useful as all of the brands support it.
    Steam VR’s OpenVR suport will stop receving new features when SteamVR’s OpenXR support is completed.


    I’ll definitely experiment with OpenXR sometime in the not too distant future. Wanted to let it mature for a year or so before I do that, now it looks well supported enough. Got to admit though that I’m not overly keen to redo the VR controller stuff for the various controller types supported via SteamVR, so OpenXR will only come if the headset part proves to bring actual advantages over sticking to SteamVR.


    I only know of Minecraft bedrock and Microsoft Flight Simulator (which also has 30 to 90 motion reprojection for WMR), so there are not much. But if they already fixed most bugs regarding the implementation of OpenXR, then I think it is plausible to expect VorpX’s OpenXR implementation would work as expected, but I don’t know if two games are enough to test an entire api.

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