Any way to “VorpX” the Xemu Xbox emulator?

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    I’ve been using VorpX more and more on almost every one of my ‘old school’ PC games, and I can’t thank Ralf enough for making such an awesome tool. It works, not withstanding some tweaking, on almost all of the classics…running the gamut of first person, third person, driving, and flight games. Just find a profile…in the cloud or packaged within. If one can’t find the exact game…just identify the engine and/or rendering setup of a similarly laid-out game of that vintage, then test and tweak to find a combo that works.
    Recently I’ve stumbled across a gem of an emulator, Xemu…as well as a site that’s an ‘archive’ of sorts with a whole host of vintage Xbox games who’s ready-to-run XISO images can be loaded by the emulator with ease. I won’t say where, as I’m not affiliated with them, but with a little ‘Vimm’ one can find it easily ;) It’s the first truly user-friendly and least-buggy Xbox emulator/Image combo I’ve found since the Xbox of old gave up the ghost and I’ve migrated to the PC for most of my gaming for convenience sake, as I’m sure many have. The last few releases have come a long way since the emulator scene began, and I know I speak for a lot of us fans of the old Xbox when I say that playing an old title in VR, even just on an immersive big-screen in 3d would breath a lot of life into those old gems.
    With that, I implore you Ralf…or anyone who can help. is there any way we could get or make a profile for the Xemu Emulator? I saw you had made a Dolphin Emulator profile, and for the heck of it I tried to apply it to the Xemu program…but no dice. An OpenGL 4.0-compatible GPU is required, so I presume the OpenGL platform is what it renders the emulated games in. It’s a free to use emulator…one just has to source an Xbox BIOS. Once again, with a little sleuthing one can find that easily enough. I would hope this makes it easier for you, Ralph…if you’re ever so inclined…either from the prospect of the users who would flock to VorpX for it…or maybe you’re an old school Xbox fan like me who has a few games you just can’t get with an Xbox Pass. Thank you either way, as VorpX is an awesome tool regardless.


    Yes Mech Assault in VR would be cool

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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