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    I tried mirrors edge and Left 4 dead2 under steam, both are not working at all with vorpx, then shamefully I downloaded a pirate copy of independent version of mirrors edge then vorpx hooks up with the game and works well.

    this stops me buying more games at least from steam. please let me know how to or how long is vorpx going to support steam just like Tridef 3d did?

    Another similar case is that Battle field 4 under origin (seems the only place I can buy a copy) is not workable with vorpx, every time it bounced back with the error of “directx 11 dll failure”. please help!

    thanks and best wishes.


    I have no troubles working vorpx with Steam:
    Borderlands 2
    Borderlands Pre-Sequel
    DCS World
    F1 2012 (needs open track)
    F1 2014 (needs open track)
    Far Cry 4
    Metro 2033
    Mirrors Edge
    Portal 2

    Alien Isolation (mod game file)
    Test Drive Unlimited 2 (have 3D but no head tracking)

    I also have the Mass Effect trilogy and Alan Wake but I haven’t tried those games yet. Except for the games marked, all work with vorpx’s head tracking.


    All my Steam games hook just fine with Vorpx, and I’ve tried a lot. If you right click on the Vorpx icon you can create a shortcut, maybe that would help.

    About Origin, maybe you could turn the Origin layour off, that helps sometimes.


    same for me, everything under Steam is hooked correctly, and the only game not working is Mass Effect 3 under Origin



    -open steam but don’t attempt to run the game from steam

    -instead, browse to the folder where the game exe file is on your hard disk

    -try starting the game from there

    -if it fails, try 2 or 3 times

    Works for me with arma 2 and 3 (steam games)


    forgot to add: i have rift set as primary display, so open the game exe from your rift.


    Running Rift in extended mode is fine :) just remember to configure display settings to DK2 only in VorpX configuration

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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