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    Although I think we all can agree that stereoscopic mode is the best with G3D being the gold standard, but Z3D actually being quite decent too (I am playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake this way and played Cyberpunk like this too).

    But what about games that won’t run in stereoscopic mode? I still find these games more immersive in a headset as the headset completely isolates me from the outside world. It’s my preferred way to play during sunny days where there is glare on my 4k 70 inch TV that is connected to my PC.

    Furthermore VorpX adds a little extra even for non stereoscopic games since you can still track your head movement to mouselook. This can help enhance monocular depth cues.

    And speaking of monocular depth cues; since flat gaming is just a 3D image projected on a 2D plane, does anyone get an illusion of a 3D effect through just monocular depth cues when playing a game? I swear sometimes even flat games can look “almost” stereoscopic because I can start imagining the depth levels as if it were truly stereoscopic.

    Anyone get this? It’s not as good of an effect as even Z3D obviously nor is it actually stereoscopic, but I’m certain it’s there and it’s caused by monocular depth cues such as parallax, lighting, shadows, etc.

    It’s like hearing a song from your memory vs actually hear it in real life. A pale imitation of the real thing, but appreciated if you have no better option at the moment. Thoughts?


    I’m jealous… I wish I could get away with playing like this, but every time I have tried it hurts my brain and strains my eyes. Seeing the weapon in hand have no depth separation from the world beyond, so near my face, is too uncomfortable.

    I have actually thought about patching one eye shut for a game session and see how that goes, but I always rationalize myself out of it.


    There have been many cases where people made profiles for games claiming there is 3D while there was none, sometimes making a profile yourself you have to argue with your own brain trying to trick you into thinking 3d is working, but usually if you need to question it there is no stereo view.

    What Im saying is a lot of people “see 3d when there is none” using vorpx so its not rare, plus color red has a very unique property in vr that looks 3d, you can check it yourself usually very visible in desktop view on icons that have anything red in them, and thats just one visual illusion that tricks brain, there a lots of them and playing games in immersive screen beats monitor gameplay for sure, so ye, even if you cant get the game to be in 3d you can still enjoy it more in vr.


    In regard to this topic it might be interesting that stereoopsis is only one of many depth cues a human brain uses to derive depth from. There are actually more mono cues than stereo cues, stereo cues are dominant only for objects at close range where the left and right views are actually different. The farther away something is (und thus the less different the left and right view of the object become) the more important mono depth cues become. After about a dozen meters the difference between the left and right view of an object starts to become so small that monocular depths cues start to take over entirely.

    BTW: The dependency on distance is why Z3D can work surprisingly well in VR unless you start looking at objects very close to the camera, which isn‘t really what you do most of the time while actually playing a game. For everything farther away than maybe 2m or so Z3D can produce enough parallax without looking overly glitchy. Only below that threshold it either becomes too glitchy, or – if one wants to avoid the glitches – doesn‘t look realistic anymore.

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