Anyone try vorpx with the new Call of Cthulhu game (2018)?

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    Haven’t bought the game yet i kinda wanted to see what the Vorpx situation is if anyone’s tried it? Any luck?

    VRified Games

    Works great with Vampyr profile, geometry 3d.
    You can also rescale the hud, and unlock positional tracking, however there are issues with lighting if positional tracking is used, otherwise, its damn good.



    Tried Vampyre profile with Call of Cthulhu new version and the first time couldn’t get it to work in any 3d mode only 2d. Second attempt I was able to get it to run in either Z-adaptive or Z-normal. Hoping my third attempt will get G3D to work. Has there been a change since you last posted on 1-15 or is there an alternative profile, new to VorpX so just asking questions. Game is pretty good especially for someone who experienced the original. Any help would be appreciated because I went back to playing on my tv.


    There’s a couple user profiles on the cloud you could try (not the older dx9 one), or there are other official Unreal 4 profiles you could try: Hellblade, Conan, Edith Finch, Abzu…

    Not often, but sometimes a game’s anti-aliasing setting and resolution aspect ratio can affect 3D, so try changing through those. Exclusive fullscreen usually works best, but try window/boarderless as well.


    Thanks dellrifter22 for your helpful suggestions and reply. I’ll try to adjust some more things. I was able to get the game looking pretty good in z-adaptive or normal yesterday and played through a lot of the game that way and actually looked pretty good.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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