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    ..i have to admit my first impression of VORPX had been kind of wrong.
    After having spent almost a week of trying and failing i managed to run all my games with Vorpx and all graphical enhancements i installed.
    After all knowing the way to setup Vorpx and oculus software it a piece of cake though.
    The 30 bucks investment is worth the 3d experience . You cant imagine playing games the old fashion anymore.
    THX to the creator of Vorpx.
    My way to get the Vorpx run games is :
    Start all software on the rift. ( might be hard but if you arange the desktop properly it works)
    Setting the rift as main monitor on the left of the monitor settings.
    In Vorpx: use show on rift.
    Pause the Oculus service
    Run your game……
    One more i found out is using an injector for .dll files you also will be able to use enb, sweetfx mods.
    I guess having this kind of information at top of this forum would have caused a lot less confusion.
    Posters here might have forgotten about newbies that are new to VR and need to be adressed in a different way.
    This is a cool software…..


    No need to apologize. Glad this is solved.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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