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    Hi there, I experieced an unfurtunate error while I tried to install vorpx again. I downloaded a new version of the web installer, double tap it and nothing happend afterwards. In the taskmanager the vorpx updater (32bit) is visible for a second and then disappears. Afterwards noting happens. I found some error messages: AppCrash_vorpx_websetup. This error accured after I exchanged my D:-Drive with a SSD. Now I can´t install vorpx anymore. Does someone ran into this problem before and can help with a solution? Can someone help please?


    Hello Ralph, I contacted your support three times and never get an awnser. No response here as well. Won´t or can´t you help? How do I solve this issue?


    I’m pretty sure I replied to your mail. IIRC you mentioned that you already disabled your antivirus, but this issue is almost certainly related to your AV program. if you use anything else than Windows Defender, try to uninstall it for testing.

    Some AV programs make it rather difficult for their users to fully disable them, just disabling the scanner may not be enough.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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