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    Just wanted to give a big thanks for all your good work on being responsive to the forums and keeping vorpx up to date with new game profiles.
    I’m sure you also get your fair share of tech issues and complaints, but I just want to make sure you also hear appreciation from us vorpx enthusiasts who love it.
    New game additions and your continued amazing work are what make this platform so great.
    Always looking forward to what’s around the corner.
    Cheers mate!


    Ditto on appreciation. With this new release I am overwhelmed with great AAA quality VR games to play. I am currently occupied using Vorpx on Enderal mod for Skyrim but will now have to hurry up and finish that in a couple hundred hours so i can start on all these others. Good thing I am retired.

    And they complain over on the Oculus and Vive boards how there aren’t any available AAA quality VR games while ignorantly complaining about Vorpx being hard to use?. I’ll never understand it.

    Please don’t make Mass Effect Andromeda Vorpx compatible for at least a while or I will be a few hundred more hours behind !

    Thanks Ralph!


    Make Mass effect Andromeda Available!! LOL.
    I know you’re just joking edo, but I’ll hunt you down if you stand between me and Andromeda. ;) I’ve been looking forward to that game for almost 2 years.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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