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    Is it possible to provide an option to regress to a former Version of VorpX?
    For me the last update broke G3D funktionality for UE4 games (with Conarium profile), where the right side now produces colored rims around edges.


    I don’t think there have been any changes that could cause such an issue all of the sudden, the only D3D11 change since 20.1.0 is related to command lists, which doesn’t affect UE4 games at all. However, if you can point me to your custom profile that shows this problem, I’d be happy to double check.

    If it’s a cloud profile, let me know its name. If you didn’t upload it, you can drag your custom profile to the desktop from the local profile list and send the file to support |at| vorpx com, if possible together with a savegame that allows me to see your issue directly after loading it.


    Hi Ralf,
    thanks for the quick reply. I uploaded a picture from a demo scene in the most recent version of Unreal-Editor (
    The problem shows up in the backfacing rims of the text (right side), in this case its black. I used the unmodified Conarium-profile (G3D, 3d strength 5). Since i use this configuration every day i am pretty shure its a new phenomenon since the last update.
    Regards Christian


    I’ll take a look at it. I really can’t imagine anything in the last vorpX build that could cause any change in UE4 games though.

    The only code change in vorpX’s D3D11 rendering pipeline is related to command lists. Just checked that to be extra sure I didn’t forget something. UE4 doesn’t use command lists, at least it didn’t until now in any released game I came across, so this change can’t possibly affect UE4 games.

    What I could imagine though is that newer builds of the UE4 engine or changes you made to materials don’t work with matrix definitions in the Conarium profile. Those are hardwired for UE4 profiles and except for the first matrix may differ from game to game. Long story short: if either the UE4 devs or you made changes that affect UE4’s main constant buffer layout, it’s quite likely that the Conarium profile you used does not fully work anymore for your UE4 project.

    I am considering a general UE4 profile using a shader parser for a while, that’s how its done for Unity for example. That comes with its own pitfalls though, hence so far I always chose to create hardwired profiles for UE4 that may have to be adjusted from game to game.


    You were right. After further testing I found out that the problem is scene specific. It’s got something to do with certain imported materials from other Projects. Thanks anyways… For future updates, is it possible to provide access to a recent version of VorpX?


    For what it’s worth, i’m a big opponent of forced updates, so if there is an option to postpone an update in VorpX or roll-back, i would gladly know about it.

    As a freelancer artist i know better than update a software mid-project, and the same goes for VorpX or the game itself – as long as it works, i’d rather not change *anything* until i finish the game.


    Maybe ralf could make an option to accept an update.

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