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    I have been thinking about ARMA 3 and 2 for many years to play on VR. I have tested it on vorpX. Weapons become gigantic even the sights and Hud is not visible on the game even if you try to set it to vorpX. The menu on the game is almost unusable too wide from the field of view. Is there anything to fix it?
    Or if someone can fix new profile for ARMA3 and 2 everything works perfectly. I think it’s a great game please help me….
    Very kind regards Patric


    Please reset the ARMA3 profile to default and check whether you maybe have accidentally disabled automatic settings changes. If so, re-enable that. None of the issues you encounter occur with default settings under normal circumstances if you let vorpX just do its thing.

    Per default the profile has Geometry 3D, a scalable HUD, 6DOF head tracking, automatic FOV adjustment, and if you enable TrackIR in the game even decoupled walk/look on top of that. In other words: there is nothing you have to change except resolution/graphics details to find your individual compromise between fidelity and performance.

    Also keep an eye on any hints/messages vorpX displays in the game window and/or in the headset.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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