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    I can get the rift working great with ARMA3 when i run the arma3.exe directly. but not if I use the launcher/Steam. I have figured out the problem is when ARMA3 is run with BATTLEYE.

    So for instance if I run arma3.exe and want to play multiplayer, the message will show “battleye not enabled, click to restart arma with battleye” and when I do this, it is no longer on the rift.

    Has anyone been able to work ARMA3 with battleye running?



    Same problem, I’ve checked the process excluded from start of vorpx and i’ve removed Steam and luncher, but no way, still not work.

    If i start Arma3.exe directly it work well but it’s impossible to play online (so the 99% of the game).

    For me the problem is in some exclusion, but for the moment i can’t found it

    Edit : For me have more sense to add the program I WANT start with vorpx, not the contrary….


    OK, I did a bit more digging and it seems to be in the hands of BATTLEYE.
    I found some comments on a youtube video (HERE):

    “It appears that ARMA 3 game update 1.46 (enhanced battle eye protection) has broken Vorpx ability to engage. With Battle eye off Vorpx 0.8.10 is fully able to engage and display as per the above video routine. Email has been sent to vorpx and also battle eye, I will update once I know more, my installation was fully working online with battle eye on before the 1.46 update, and again with battle eye off it works fine, on it does not work, to me that means the battle eye is the issue.”

    “In short Battle Eye cant allow Vorpx to access the Dirrect X files. There was a lot of back and forth about it, ben from road to vr was looped in on the emails and also given a cliff notes, I asked him to chase both sides to find out the inside scoop as there will be a lot of Arma 3 Dk2 players that are going to be devastated about this.”

    These comments are from about 2 weeks ago. Does anyone have an update as of yet? Ralf, if you read this, do you know of any status?


    Any news?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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