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    I’m over this shit…

    trying to get ARMA 3 to be remotely usable with vorpx and my vive. I’ve managed to get it to load in using the headset by using the desktop shortcut (which I have to spam a few times before it actually loads). Cannot load at all through the usual steam launch method (yes I have added the 64 bit exe to an arma 3 profile in vorpx config).

    when I’m finally in game i’m getting no sterio at all. its just the standard screen showing through the headset which means everything skews in weird ways when you look around. I’ve tried all the in-game keystrokes to change 3d mode etc but achieved nothing except pulling out my compass, or taking a step forward etc.

    another major game breaking issue is my mouse does nothing except fire or zoom in (i.e. the buttons work but not the directional stuff). I have setup opentrack so that the headset tracks in the game as I want but without any mouse control, I can only walk forward, back, strafe left and right.

    I’ve tried googling but mainly come up with occulus SDK posts from 3 years ago which are absolutely no use to me.

    I’m running windows 10 on a I7-6400, with a GTX 1080, 16gb ram using a HTC vive.

    any help would be appreciated


    Please make sure to adjust camera field of view with the Game Optimizer in the vorpX config app prior to launching the game.

    If that fails for some reason, you can do it with a manual ini edit using the insructions given by this Arma 3 FOV calculator. You need an FOV of 110° horizontically.


    this has made the FOV look a bit better however i’m still not getting any sort of 3d. i’m getting a kind of double image around objects. almost like its displaying the left and right eye images in both eyes if that makes sense. also the weird skewing of things like trees etc is even worse. its like when you look at a fish eyed photo. straight things like trees are curved when on the edge of the screen.

    I still have no bloody mouse movement either which is game breaking


    ok, so I’ve hade a better look at it. it seems each eye is indeed showing a different image as when I close one eye, the double image I’m seeing disappears. the images do not seem to be working together to create a 3d image

    when I say the straight objects are curved, that’s not accurate. the example I was looking at were some reeds. when they were to the left of the screen, they leant inwards e.g. /////. when they are in the centre of the screen they are straight up ||||, then when on the right, they again lean inwards \\\\.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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