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    Hi everyone,

    I recently bought VorpX and I am quite happy with it’s capabilities so far. I tried one of my favorite games, ARMA3, which works well using mouse and keyboard. Nevertheless there are two things I can’t stop thinking about:

    1. Using Motion Controllers (i.e Oculus Touch) for aiming: I know this has been discussed a couple of times in this forum and this feature has been deprioritized because for most of the FPS looking and aiming is not decoupled. But not for ARMA 3 – Looking and aiming are already two different types of control so I figured it should be possble, or am I wrong? Is there any update when this feature is on the roadmap

    2. Use Positional Tracking to change stances/leaning: Maybe it is already possible and I just haven’t found the correct setting, but it would be cool if the positional tracking could be connected to the stance/leaning system of Arma 3. I have in mind that in TrackIR/OpenTrack it was possbile but I am not entirely sure. Would appreciate if anybody has some advice how to set this up.

    If those two things would be implemented, ARMA3 would come pretty close to a native VR game with full controller support.

    Curious to hear your opinion.



    you could try using freePIE (Programmable Input Emulator) to take the gyroscope data from your vr controllers or even your phone and convert it to a mouse movement output (I have not tried this) . Although the movement of your gun will be restricted to 3DOF.

    Additionally you follow this guide here( to enable 6DOF headtracking
    Also you can set up vorpx to hit the crouch key when crouching irl.

    adrian J

    Would love controllers to work too with Arma3

    Has anyone actually fit them working with Arma3 ??


    Just in case anyone is still interested in this.
    I recently tried it again and could get the motion controllers to work by using this:

    There is a script “oculus_touch_air_mouse.ahk” for the tool AutoHotKey ( If you run this it will map the pitch/yaw movements from your motion controller to your mouse movement.

    This works really well.

    Hint: In the original the movement is only activated if you press the right hand trigger (which conflicts with EdgePeek). If you it to be continously activated without pressing a button just delete the following line from the script:
    if GetAxis(AxisHandTriggerRight) > 0.5


    Thanks for the tip! What additional controls do you think needs added to this latest setup?

    adrian J

    Back to this , is anyone using this for arma3 with hand controllers ?


    Maybe I’m misunderstanding but you can lean in arma using vorpx leaning in real life, also I’ve tried aiming, reloading and throwing grenades with gestures it’s okay… current vorpx beta allows all this if this answers any of your questions.

    adrian J


    How do you do this ?
    My hand controllers buttons work but no hand tracking , I can not throw grenades or hold gun

    Obviously if I assign buttons to the controllers to activate these things but I’m really after hand tracking with the actions


    Download the latest beta, it has gesture support, you’ll have to set everything up yourself in the DEL menu Make sure to use default keys as I think the gestures only work for default key binds also obviously disable battleye or vorpx won’t hook. You can then only play solo, private servers or multiplayer servers with battleye off.

    adrian J

    Which beta ?

    I’m successfully using VorpX with arma3

    Is there separate software for the hand controllers do you have link ??

    Ps I know controllers work in VorpX but just as button controls only , I’m looking for holding the rifle & rifle moving around with my hands etc

    Big thanks in


    General forum highlighted in yellow posted by Ralf you should see vorpX 23.1.0 BETA. Gesture controls have not been added to stable branch vorpx yet as far as I know only Beta.

    adrian J


    Ok big thanks will look , I didn’t realise there were betas or later versions of VorpX
    I’ll download / try straight after my holiday

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