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    Cursor won’t reach lower menu commands in game. Also whenthis occurs mouse is not aligned with on screen display. A fresh reboot will solve. But have to open game on a fresh reboot everytime. So after a break etc. Need a fresh reboot. Did this some time ago but now has come back and I don’t recall a solution.
    I9 11th gen
    32gb ram
    HP reverb G2


    Problem is getting worse pretty much unplayable. Have to reboot constantly… Any support?


    You aren’t the only one with weekends. ;) Thanks for your patience.

    Sounds as if you might be running the game windowed with a resolution larger than your monitor res. In such a case the mouse can’t reach the bottom of the window.

    To resolve that you have the following options:

    1. Run the game fullscreen
    2. Switch your desktop to a higer res so that the window is fully visible
    3. Use a gamepad instead of your mouse.

    In regard to options 1. and 2. please also check the ‘Custom Resolutions’ section in the vorpX help.


    Sorry for my wording last night first off I was frustrated at my inability to solve this.
    I will recheck resolutions.
    I am for sure full screen.
    It had been running seemlessly for some time… Few Months. Once in a great while if I took a break long enough for WMD to go to sleep I would comeback and have to reboot. But know I have to reboot on fresh starts 2-3 times to get it to work. There’s got to be a confict somewhere in my system that I cannot find.
    Basically I’ve made no setting changes and this issue has evolved. Arma is a glitchy creature itself was just hoping someone else has experienced this.
    Again apologies for my impatience and poor choice of words.


    It‘s always a bit difficult to reply in a meaningful way to ‚I didn‘t change anything, things just stopped working.‘-posts. So please excuse that I only have a more general answer: If you haven’t done so already, please try to reset both the game options and the vorpX profile to default. That should get you back to a state from before the issue started to occur.

    In case of issues in regard to using menus, also switching to EdgePeek mode (mousewheel click) sometimes help. If a profile comes with a scalable HUD that may occasionally cause issues with mouse coordinates, specifically whenever the mouse cursor can‘t also be scaled for one or the other reason. This particulur issue can be resolved by using menus in EdgePeek mode.

    As far as I’m aware Arma 3 also is moddable, so if you happen to have installed any mods recently, please also try whether the issue occurs without mods.


    All menus are used in edgepeek mode. Could be a mod I run many mods. However have a buddy very similar system same mods he has experienced this in the past but not currently. Still a work in progress. However I do have it back to where a reboot will solve the problem. So finding the conflicting process is the challenge.
    Thanks will update as progress evolves


    Works consistant on a fresh reboot. However if I close game and reopen the cursor will not be aligned.
    Have cleaned out all unnecessary background processes. However in order for it to work it requires a fresh reboot.


    Attempting a clean uninstall and all components. Redownloaded. Awaiting registration acceptance. Please advise if theres a problem with that. Last install license key came virtually immediately. This time not so much. Am I able to get a new license?


    Keys stay valid until you change vital hardware or reinstall Windows. You can avoid having to wait for a new key when you just reinstall vorpX by keeping the key e-mail.


    New install did not solve issue. Issue is as follows
    Arma III
    Mouse cursor will not reach lower menu items in edge peak mode when selecting loadouts etc. Will also not reach not in edge peak.
    When this problem happens the mouse cursor on flat panel is not aligned with mouse cursor in headset. Mouse cursor on flat panel is approximately 3 in to the left of where the cursor is located in headset.
    A fresh reboot will solve it 70% of the time and when problem is solved mouse cursor is aligned in the same point as headset and flat panel. Once the problem arrives the only solution is rebooting until problem goes away. If you have no ideas suggestions solutions etc. That is fine I will continue to try to find the conflict on my own.


    Could try Alt+Enter a few times to switch between fullscreen and windowed and back.

    Or Alt+C (I think) to toggle the vorpX cursor on and off.


    Maybe try to toggle (in your nvidia / amd control panel) “perform scaling on display/gpu” and “override scaling mode in games” / under “adjust desktop size and position”

    Had that issue on Fallout 4 a while ago and it resolved with that. (also borderless fullscreen / fullscreen) in game


    Thanks all
    Solved tonight
    Poor HDMI connection to 2nd monitor. Found by dumb luck and process of elimination. Tonight I will sleep.

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