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    i’m struggling with getting arma 3 to run on oculus, and i therefore have a question.

    i have only successed getting arma 3 to run in 2d on the oculus rift – like a virtuel desktop. is that was is possible or should i expect 360 degrees of vr?

    thanks :-)


    Sounds like maybe you accidentally may have activated the Virtual Cinema mode? If that is not your issue, please make sure to set the FOV to 120° (can be done with the vorpX Game Optimizer normally. If that fails for some reason, google for “Arma 3 FOV”, which will yield several results linking to FOV calculators and tutorials.

    Please also note that Arma III is currently Z-Buffer 3D only, which means the Stereo 3D effect looks flatter on nearby objects. The advantage is that it’s twice as fast than G3D.

    Also worth checking out is the below in-depth tutorial:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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