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    Hey, Every time I try to launch Arma 3 the game launches in single screen 2D as it would if vorpx were not enabled. Vorpx is supposed to support this game what can be done to get it to work? Other games seem to work so it must be configured at least partly correctly.

    PLease could you advise on how to get this to work? or if any other users have this problem I would be very grateful if you had a solution.



    Normally the game should hook just like others. If it doesn’t in your case, please try/check the things below.

    1. Try to disable your virus scanner to make sure it does not interfere
    2. Check for other possibly interfering programs. The trouble shooting guide in the vorpX help has a few hints in this regard.
    3. Try to create a vorpX desktop shortcut to the Arma3 main .exe (right click the vorpX tray icon, choose “Create Desktop Shortcut”). This does not work with all games (especially Steam/Origin/Uplay games), but if it does, it hooks more reliable than the auto detection.
    4. Try running vorpX as administrator. Generally this is not recommended, but may help in some cases (for example it’s necessary if the game also is started with admin rights).

    BTW: For serious Arma 3 playing, I can highly recommend the below in depth setup tutorial. Doesn’t solve your issue, but helps to create the best possible experience once you got it basically running. Quite a bit of work, but pays off.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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