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    adrian J


    I’m trying to get good results as a new user to VorpX with Arma 3

    My specs : 10900k. &. 3080

    I made a custom resolution which is same as my quest 2 ( 1832×1920 ) & used auto stretch option in arma2 as well as selecting the new custom res

    Much better & aspect seems spot on,
    just x2 last points below :

    But still need to zoom out a tad -when I press minus key for small zoom out that seems about right but can not keep my finger in it

    Fish eye still slightly present

    Other than that all else impressive
    Just need to sort these last x2 points

    If anyone has any pointers it would be much appreciated


    I’m not going to claim that my settings are perfectly correct, but these are what I settled on after one night of playing, that feel good to me:

    – first load into game, open vorpX delete menu, go to directVR page and turn off all game changing settings there. click okay and save. (forgive me please Ralf :) )
    – I set a 4:3 resolution 1920 x 1440 , set to normal in ArmA3 menu, no stretched. Apply it and exit the game.
    – Next, for FOV edit, open *USERNAME*.Arma3Profile found in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Arma 3
    – edit these two values to look like this:


    (These were given to me from and ArmA3 fov calculator for 105 degrees at 4:3 resolution)
    *note that if you change your resolution in game again after doing this, these fov values will be reset to default, so it’s important to have your desired resolution set before doing this.

    – Launch ArmA3 again and into a mission. open vorpX delete menu and adjust image zoom down to 0.96 , and 3D strength down near 0.59 .

    All together this combination feels good to me using HP Reverb G1 at 105 degrees fov.

    you could probably experiment with higher value resolutions of 4:3, but 1440p seemed a good balance for my 2080ti . don’t forget to increase the imaage sharpening to your liking in vorpX image settings page, as this can greatly increase the clarity of textures at lower resolutions.

    adrian J

    Big thanks dell

    Changing the fov puts more or less in the view but the view distance seems wrong

    I’ve found a work around by double tapping the
    Minus key twice which zooms out a bit which then makes things look about right

    Everything else I think is almost alright I’m getting close

    adrian J

    Still looking for setting to permanently have you slightly assumed out if any one knows )-:


    Are you playing in first person or third person view?

    As long as you have a near accurate Field of View setting, things should appear at correct scale and distances, especially in ArmA, as the camera is placed right where the eyes go on the player model.

    If you have directVR enabled, vorpX should be setting this all correctly for you. But I wonder if your changing of the resolution so frequently perhaps has overwritten the fov values vorpX initially set. Your best bet is probably to restore the profile to default settings, by clicking that button on the profile in the vorpX desktop config app. Restore the profile settings to default, launch Arma3 once to let vorpX fix the settings automatically, close the game, and restart it a second time, so that the vorpX settings are now fully applied.

    But if you still feel that this, and other ArmA FOV adjustment still are not revealing enough of the player model as you want, then there is one last thing you can do. By enabling “Expert Settings” in the vorpX desktop config app, you can then unlock the FOV Enhancement slider in the vorpX delete menu within the game. If the “change game settings” is turned off in the DirectVR page, the FOV Enhancement slider will now be revealed on the vorpX main settings page, under More 3D/FullVR settings. Note however, this is only available for G3D, and that increasing this slider will introduce pop-in render culling around the edges of the screen, and possibly also displace shadows and lights. So use this only if you really need to.

    adrian J

    Thanks dellrifter

    The g3d fov options work a treat & I can get fov spot with slight adjustment but then many new problems are caused by g3d

    So I’m sticking to the “z” 3d option

    I’ve found a bit of a work round I simply move my head a few feet forward & press alt-space to reset view then move my head back

    Apart from the fov thing I’m getting lively sharp visuals & solid 90fps so far , 10900k & 3080

    I only play looking through the eyes view as I like maximum realism

    I’ve not downloaded any performance helper or changed anything on coding files , just been conservative in the Arma3 graphic options

    Do you play using VR controllers ?

    I love the Arma series & brill I can finally use again

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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