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    Hey guys I am a new Vorpx user, just started using it with my Vive and it is working surprisingly well, I am very pleased. On to the topic at hand :

    I have got ARMA3 working fine with Vorpx although the head-movement controls the mouse (which I understand is how Vorpx works). I have seen guides for the Rift on setting it up with opentrack and having the game recognize it as TRACKIR, and was just wondering if anyone on the forums knew of a way to achieve independent head tracking with the Vive similiarly to how it was done with the Rift.

    Thanks alot


    Some time ago someone did a in-depth Arma III video. IIRC it also covers TrackIR/OpenTrack. I’m not sure though if OpenTrack can use SteamVR already.


    1r8klr, did you get this working with OpenTrack?

    Also can you upload your Vorpx ARMA 3 profile or explain which options you changed. I finally got it running with ARMA 3 but I’m not sure how to properly adjust the view settings to get the most optimal viewing experience with the Vive.


    From what I could find it looks like OpenTrack does not officially support the Vive yet, but is planning on it:

    As for using another method I could not find anything else available.



    Please help me :/

    I am using VorpX and HTC Vive to play Arma 3 as a pilot in singleplayer.
    But i get so naucious i cannot play more than 30 seconds. I need help with the settings.

    Anyone got it working well?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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