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    Following significant hardware upgrades I set up arma3 last night and once I’d got the higher custom resolutions running it’s all pretty good, I have a couple of questions though.

    In order to replicate the pancake version weapon position/size I’ve had to adjust head position and image zoom accordingly, this seems to give a slight barrel distortion swim when I move my head – I presume mostly from the image zoom.

    I’ve adjusted the FOV in the arma3 configs to 120°, would changing this improve things? Is there a defacto baseline value that most people use?

    I’m currently using a 16:9 custom resolution of 3200×1800, however I’ve read that the 9:8 can reduce GPU load. Should I be shooting for keeping the 1800 width to achieve the same image clarity?

    System is 5800X3D/3080ti/reverb G2 running @60Hz. With high arma3 settings at the above resolution is running above 60fps without a problem.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated 🙂


    Spent several hours over the last couple of nights – tweak, test, rinse, repeat!

    Got 4:3 resolution setup of 2400×1800 and balanced the settings to keep it at 60fps, set the FOV to 120° maximum and stopped vorpx adjusting settings (it kept lowering the FOV and changing the resolution).

    I reset the profile once I’d got the 4:3 set and figured out that the distortion/swim seemed to be mostly due to the head tracking using positional movement (6DoF), turning that off and only using 3DoF has brought the view more inline with pancake. Additionally with the 6DoF enabled it made the collimator and iron sights almost impossible to use, I do prefer to use 6DoF but if needs must.

    Generally it’s all working pretty well so far :)


    Yet more playing and tweaking the FOV and the head tracking is now playing properly in 6DOF with the weapon sights, not sure what had happened before!

    Also realised that the headtracking is simply an instance of opentrack (which I’m very familiar with) running in the background; it wasn’t part of vorpx last time I used it! I tweaked the curves and settings to my preference, now back to being able to lean to peak around corners and forward to zoom.

    Changing the HUD layout in arma has removed the need to edge peek in normal usage (only needed for main menu), it is now much better than pancake + opentrack that I’ve used previously and I dare say probably revitalised my want to play arma again!

    Switching from G3D to Z normal actually seemed to improve the image significantly in addition to performance, I now have perfect image quality and smoothness :)


    Are you getting 6DOF in z normal, or G3D?

    I would love to know more details about how you got this to work. I tried 5 years ago and could never get the sites to line up correctly on the rifles. However, I was using G3D mode. I thought the z normal was subpar but maybe it’s been improved?

    Do you have a video that shows what you did or gameplay?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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