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    Hi, I’m planning to test every single G3D official profile in some unsupported games to see if one or more do the trick. As far as I know the google docs list is outdated and the unofficial list contains all tested games, not just the official ones. I’m looking for a list that singles out official G3D profiles so I can trim the number of tries per game. Thanks for reading. What I’m asking might be really tedious, if it’s too much work to do don’t worry about it.


    It’s planned to show this info on the ‘Local Pofiles’ page of the config app alongside with any comments that might have been added whwn a profile was uploaded. One of those things that have been pushed back a few times already because there always seems to be something more inportant. Won’t make into the next release, but I promise to do it early next year.


    Many thanks Ralf, your support is really appreciated


    Any progress on this task?
    I only found this list, but it seems outdated
    Probably even On-line Sheet like this one on the official page will be enough


    Ralf, any chance of getting this done? It would be very helpful to your users.


    Strange you havent found anything through the forum search.
    perhaps this may help you

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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