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    Assasin’s Creed Origins is not 3D.
    The 3D effect is not working at all with Z-NORMAL.
    If there is no 3D effect, PIXEL DENSYTY was set to 1.0, so it was not done.
    The resolution is the lowest and the window mode.
    Please let me know if anyone can play in 3D.


    Tested mine just now. Z3D works for me as long as Anti Aliasing is set to High. I seem to remember this from when the game first came out.

    Also make sure your Resolution Modifier option is set to 1.0. My testing showed that anything lower breaks 3D, while higher may work.

    Use Fullscreen to be safe.

    If that still doesn’t fix it, try to alt+tab minimize and back, try your native monitor resolution, and try the different AA settings.

    Maybe if this profile got a quick z-buffer detection patch, this wouldn’t be a problem for others in the future.


    Once I set the resolution modifier to 100 in full screen with native resolution, it did not become 3D.
    After that, my computer specs were not high, so when I set the window mode to the lowest resolution, the lowest graphics settings, and 120 Resolution Modifier, it became 3D. I think it was important to set the Resolution Modifier to 120.
    Since the specs of the PC are low, there is a feeling that the graphics processing will be delayed when playing in the game.
    It was made 3D. Thank you very much for the advice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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