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    Hi just installed it because of G3D profile is available. But it wont hook.
    It say attaching to vorpx but thats all the screen shows attaching to XXXXac4.exe
    any hints how to get this done?


    What you could try is disabling the Uplay overlay. Should not be necessary, but is worth a shot. Just checked whether there may be a general issue, but here it hooks fine by simply starting it from Uplay.


    @ralph, of course all overlays are disabled.
    Here some things i noticed. If ac4 is started with elevated rights as admin,, it wont even start without vorpx.
    So i start ac4 (no admin rights) If vorpx is active the game asks me to veryfy the game path. I need to pause vorpx watcher then i can start ac4. Ac4 starts and vorpx screen shows attaching to AC4SP.exe. But this vorpx screen stay forever and the game seems to launch on my main screen. All i got is in cv1 is the sound of the game.

    So no success at the moment. Any more ideas?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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