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    Hi Ralf,
    While Unity has a profile, without FOV changing ability, it makes it very difficult to play.
    I noticed that there is a Flawless Widescreen profile for Black Flag. However, copying Unity’s VorpX profile doesn’t work.
    Is there any way to get Black Flag working with VorpX? Seems like the same engine.


    If copying the profile does not work, something is different in regard how 3D created is created, whether it’s based on the same engine or not. I may look into it some time, but since this is not exactly a game well suited for VR it’s not high priority currently.


    Ok thanks.
    Just don’t leave us cinema-mode people out! There are a ton of good games for cinema mode with stereoscopic 3D.


    I just booted up Black Flag and was really disappointed to see it doesn’t have Geomenty 3D or z-buffer on Vorpx. However, I did get it to work using Tridef and Big Screen.
    Playing 3rd person games in cinema mode can be just as immersive and fun as playing First person game, so Ralf please don’t leave out 3rd person games:)


    I bought Andromeda only to use with VorpX because Ralf said it should be easy to do, and he would look at it shortly.
    Haven’t heard anything since. Been dying to play it. Hopefully he will look into it. Or at least give us an idea of when he might look at it, so we can at least not be left in the dark waiting.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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