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    As of me posting this.. vorpX DOES NOT officially support the DK2.. this is just a way to make it work.. This also works for other games that support TrackIR..

    I’m quoting my AC post…

    How I go this working…
    To be clear this does require that you purchase vorpX and I don’t want to come off like im selling it… There is a similar free app but I couldn’t it working..
    vorpX does not officially support the DK2 yet which means its somewhat buggy….
    So buy it at your own risk… It works for me but may not work for you…

    Some problems…
    Apps do not work – they did at first.. i think — Oddly my app works minus the menus… (works very well on the rift too)
    AI does not work… I tested 1 AI – 50 AI… the game crashes trying to load the first AI car..
    99.8% sure these are vorpX issues..

    My setup…
    DK2 = Extended Desktop with the rift being the primary monitor
    Launch AC — Set RES to 1920×1080 74/75hz
    Launch vorpX – (It has crashed a few times.. just keep launching it..)
    open the vorpX control panel form the system tray and change some settings
    Display/Monitor drop down is set to system default
    Oculus Profile is set to Do not use a profile (use the ingame app to set your IPD and vignette) (remember your IPD for later..)
    everything else leave unchecked.

    TrackIR I changed the tracking to (one : one) and as always I disabled the XYZ axis because AC still has issues with those getting stuck..
    Freetrack might work..

    When you launch the game you will receive an error about tracking… even though its off.. just hit enter..
    Once in the game hit DEL and start changing the vorpX settings… IPD calibration tool is on the second page/tab.. this is the best way to calibrate your eyes..

    If you need to edit something and you haven’t figured out how to look at the desktop cross-eyed.. just hit the power button on top of your DK2.. This will throw everything back on your main screen.. When you’re done turn the DK2 back on you’re ready to go…

    Seems kinda easy reading over this but it was a pain in the butt at first… Let just say I can see very well cross-eyed now…

    Lastly can also make a video if needed..



    Assetto Corsa Vorpx runs! cool :-)))

    AC + DK2 + Vorpx = OK ?
    You talk to the TrackIR head tracking, only the software?

    thank you


    with the new beta released yes.. you can use it without TrackIR

    Its just not in-game head tracking.

    Another plus is with vorpX now supporting DX11 .. Apps and AI work !


    OK thanks ;-)


    Sorry I didn’t understand you properly, does headtracking work now on Assetto Corsa with Vorpx/DK2?


    I fear not… or I didn’t find the settings but headtracking is not working actually. Hope the devs will provide a patch soon…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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