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    For fans of the pirate themed sandbox ATLAS I’ve got a tweak that helps a LOT in getting a working VorpX profile. This information might also be relevant for ARK: Survival Evolved, and perhaps other Unreal4 engine games though I have not tested this myself.

    As you might be aware, horizontal FOV is god for achieving good VR rendering, and ATLAS like a lot of game doesn’t let you scale it up far enough.

    However, there’s a tweak to get around that:

    1. Go into …/ATLAS/Engine/Config/BaseEngine.ini and open it in a suitable text editor like Notepad++
    2. Search for the line: AspectRatioAxisConstraint=AspectRatio_MaintainXFOV
    3. Change it to read: AspectRatioAxisConstraint=AspectRatio_MaintainYFOV
    4. Save the file.

    Having switched around the FOV constraints, you now have a MUCH larger FOV to play with. I’ve managed to get a pretty comfortable and immersive Full VR mode running with no significant complaints or side effects.

    Disclaimer: I have no idea if this might be problematic with BattleEye if you try play on hack protected servers. I’ve been playing the game in single player.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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