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    Hi Ralf!

    I have always used MPC-HC as my main video player. Everything worked perfectly fine with VorpX (except the fact that you couldn’t use madVR, just the EVR), 2D videos, 3D videos, 180 and 360 VR videos.

    A good quality player, although, is a bit outdated by today’s standards (also, the official release has bit the dust, there is unofficial support by clsid2 at GitHub, but whatever).

    So, I have decided to switch to MPV. Really liking it, a very good player indeed. However, I cannot attach VorpX to it when in runs Direct3D render (Tried original MPV, SMP, MPC-QT, Bomi, all the same).

    I know there is a VorpX profile available, so at least some support to the MPV based players (and we have lots of them) should be available?

    I would like to mention that, I can attach VorpX to MPV if I use openGL backend (gpu-context=win). But, it seems everything is working far from perfect I guess.

    180 VR videos have to be mirrored (both horizontally and vertically), MPV can do that, no problem.

    Also, the overall image looks kinda worse than in MPC-HC (the shape and scale are a bit out, e.g. 180 VR videos, in VorpX settings, have to be set to 150 degrees horizontally, 180 vertically instead of 180/180. Also, image looks more aliased (not important, as could be due to the filters).

    Nevertheless, I’m more interested in the question of why VorpX can get attached to the MPV’s D3D11 render?

    Have you done any testing with the MPV based video players?

    I would appreciate any hints that can get my MPV(D3D11) working with VorpX. If you need any logs or settings, I can provide those.

    Best regards.


    I don’t remember why, but the MPV profile is OpenGL only. There proabaly is areason for that, but since I don’t recall it I’ll check that on occasion. Apart from that it’s not really tested well, so I would highly suggest to go back to MPC-HC or VLC for video playback. These profiles have the added benefit of a preconfigured gamepad mapping.


    Thank you for reply Ralf. MPC-HC is still a wonderful player, and I would rather stick to it and see you keep providing us with new and improved game profiles, than forcing you to spend man-hours on MPV :).

    Keep up the good work. All the best.


    Ok, so now i know why Vorpx won’t attach to MPV but i have no MPC-HC profile and there’s none in the cloud… would it make be a difference compared to vr players? That’s mostly why i wanna try’em, have no problem playing 4k 3d videos on a normal player (MPC-BE) using the standard enhanced custom renderer but vr players can’t play them without slowing down (15m bitrate video, 8m bitrate 4k it’s doable) and installing madvr gets me much worst results with the standard configuration (no point in configuring more when normal vr players already work better out of the box), while also using MPC-BE (just changing render to madvr).

    Also, madvr is quite old now, is it any good at all anymore?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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