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    I have the use built-in audio device checked, but the sound comes out of my speakers and not the Rift. Sound works as normal in Oculus Home.

    Infact I hear the fireplace just fine right now as Home is running in the background and as soon as I start a Vorpx game audio goes to speakers.

    If I switch the default audio to Rift Headphones and start the game, it works, but when I close the game and Vorpx the default reverts back to speakers.

    EDIT : Okay…in Vorpx Desktop mode ALL Audio suddenly comes from the Rift, even games, which is…Good!
    But why doesn’t it switch when starting normally?


    It should do that normally and revert back after leaving the game. If that fails for some odd reason, you can set the default audio device manually in the config app (trouble shooting page).


    Having the exact same issue.
    Setting the device manually works, but gets reset next time i run vorpX.


    I have the same/similar issue.

    I will set my headphones as my default audio device then after some time it will kick back to my speakers. I originally set ‘use built-in audio device’ which was a mistake as I wanted headphones. It send the sound through the vive, which is fine, but when I turned it off the speakers are defaulting every time I close a program or after some time it reverts from my headphones.


    I use a free program called Audioswitch to quickly switch between audio devices before launching my game.


    I have the same issue here.


    I have the same issue here.

    Fixed on my side, set audio as default on rift, then back default to sound card, and it fixed the auto switching.

    Imo i think it was related to oculus driver on my side.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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