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    At the moment I have the original HTC Vive ear plugs dangling behind my back as my audio solution. I hate having anything in my ears, and I always wear over-ear headphones. But because the headphones are always resting on the Vive cables for so long, I start to feel some real pressure on my head and it hurts after a while. I plan to get the Deluxe Audio Adapter as soon as I can but they seem hard to get since they stopped making the Vive.

    So I can’t use ear buds because it’s uncomfortable, and my headphones are way to painful to be using for a long time. Anyone know any good tips on getting a better audio experience?


    Could you work the cables over top of an on ear set of headphones? I think you’d have to pull the cable back through the headstrap and then work the headphones in, (maybe clip them in place somehow?) and then feed the cable back through to trap the headphones in place with it.


    deluxe audio strap is what you’re looking for.


    Since the Deluxe Audio Strap is out of stock probably on a permanent basis, you could try the KOSS ksc75 or the KOSS Porta Pro headphones which I heard somewhere are the ones that are use in the original Oculus Rift. They are also light and cheap on Ebay/Amazon.

    You can get a cheap hard plastic Vive strap replacement on ebay and attach those headphones.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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