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    Trying VorpX for the first time with Skyrim and it’s really nauseating as the game freezes the camera whenever you interact with an NPC, your inventory, the map, etc. Ideally the game would never pause, but presuming that’s unavoidable with a lot of games, the solution seems to be edge peek mode so you still get some head tracking.

    Could VorpX detect that the screen has stopped responding to head tracking and automatically switch into edge peek mode? As an option. Would make playing Skyrim a much smoother experience.


    What exactly is happening is impossible to detect. There are a few theoretical options to take a guess, but none works reliable enough across games to make these guesses a sensible option. For sake of having things working as similar as possible across games the various ideas in this regard were dismissed long ago.


    For Skyrim there’s a byte in memory that gets set when the game is paused. If you don’t want to write special case code for individual games, is there any way for the community to do it? A VorpX plugin API or something?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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