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    Am posting this again because the original post does not exist anymore.

    If you want to use the Avatar (SBS) Profile you must do the settings below to use G3D Mode. This is not a hack, i was using legal inGame settings and vorpX capabilities.

    James Camerons Avatar is a great game, all those crazy plants and colours you know from the movie look insane in Geometry 3D.

    Sadly some shaders were badly broken when using Far Cry 2/3 Profiles. Other engines didnt work at all. – This morning, i read somewhere here in the forum about Ralf mentioning some Side by Side profiles for media players, this let me experiment with some of those.

    I do not know if other games beside Avatar and Far Cry 2 provide internal 3D functions for example for 3D Tv’s, but any game which provides this should work this way(SBS).

    In certain for Avatar the following settings must be done, otherwise you will get a too wide image or 3D will not work.

    1- use a Desktop resolution of 8:9 , example: 1920×2160
    2- enable “dont stretch” in the Nvidia panel
    3- set ingame (for this example to: 2160×2160, dont ask me why this ratio works best)
    4- enable 3D under the games Video Settings
    5- choose Side by Side mode
    6- keep Force Widescreen OFF
    7- Set antialiasing to 4
    8- dont use DX10

    use the profile from the cloud called : Avatar (SBS)

    — — –

    Geometry 3D works excellent this way, no broken shaders, you can keep Bloom and Shadown ON, the only thing is that a Media player profile does not have as many settings as a real G3D profile. With a “real” G3D profile more depch can be set, positional headtracking , camera height ect. is missing here but headtracking in main works. AA brings more smoothness into the game. Turn OFF of you need some more frames.

    This profile should be quite an alternative until a real G3D profile with more options can be availaible

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