Average FPS in Oblivion, Fallout 3, Skyrim on GTX970/980?

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    Trancer Spacey


    at the moment I have a gtx660 in my pc, so my question is especially to vorpX-users with 970/980 or 780ti cards: what framerates do you get typically with these cards in taxing games like Oblivion, Skyrim or Fallout?

    Do this games run smooth with vorpX in geometry-mode? For example in Oblivion my framerates are often sinking under a value of 50, sometimes 40 in outside-regions (geometry). In Dungeons I sometimes get 75FPS but this depends on what wall I look. ;-) So it’s not really a smooth, good experience and I hope a new GTX will change this a bit. But for this older games I found no benachmarks with this brand new cards, of course not in combination with vorpX. So I think it’s time to start a thread to finally enlighten the vr-community. ;-)


    I’m interested in this also. I’m getting awful performance in geometry mode even for several years old games with a 7970. This is actually my biggest problem with Vorpx, since even though I’ve been able to properly configure many games, most of them are unplayable.


    The Geometry 3D performance hit is about the same as with all stereo drivers (usually 50%-60%, in some cases even more). Some things a S3D driver has to do are hurting peformance a lot , especially in DX9 games. There is no real way away around that, except something like asynchronous timewarp. Whether that will be possible in vorpX isn’t clear yet though.

    Skyrim is mostly CPU-bound in Geometry 3D, a faster card won’t help much. In Fallout you should be able to get 75fps in interiors and ~60fps outside with a GTX 970.

    That is why vorpX has the Z-Buffer 3D mode, which is about twice as fast as Geometry 3D, although not as natural in regard to Stereo 3D, of course.

    Trancer Spacey

    Thank you, Ralf.

    I tested this yesterday: without vorpX I got noticable better framerates, even when I run VorpX in Z-Mode.

    Thank you especially for the info, that Skyrim is more cpu demanding. I am planing to buy a Haswell-E. It will definitivly enhance my regular business-needs, but I hope it will make this games faster too, when I play them in real stereo. (I know it’s not a gaming CPU.)

    But the plan is to buy one 970 now and later perhaps a second one, for VR-SLI. Do you think this combination fits to our fps-needs? Is it possible to implement this SLI-rendering-features in vorpX? Because I heard that VR-SLI is only usefull when you have to feed two real, physicall vr-displays which are perhaps used in Oculus CV1. Do you think this is true?

    Trancer Spacey

    By the way: I like the Z-Mode very much, because of the good perfomance. Especially when I recgonized, how to set the IPD better. So 3D is even in Z-Mode much more believable and impressive. The only two downsides: in Z-Mode the FOV seems a bit to narrow and there is unfortunatley no positional tracking, which I think it’s perhaps more complicated to do, than in geometry-mode. When I understand your blog correct about the different 3d-modes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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