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    So one of the biggest issues with vorpx, besides the super zoomed in view, is the controls. Most games we have to use our face to control what direction our cross hairs look while the mouse also controls looking in any direction… this clearing causes a lot of unnatural movement. So far the most natural controls I have come across is in half life 2. You control cross hairs with the mouse and the mouse allows your view to move left and right if you move it far enough, but mouse does not move your view up or down only your head does.

    So to my question. Is there anyway we can recreate this with vorpx? I doubt its possible currently, but is this something that can be looked into and added in future updates? For me, and I assume others too, it would improve the vorpx experience by a long shot. Currently I struggle with wanting to keep playing vorpx because of this issue.


    There are certain limitations to what a driver like vorpX can do. Altering the control scheme is one of these limitations in most cases, since this would require deeper changes in the game. Don’t let this ruin the fun you can have with vorpX, you get used to it quickly.

    Regarding the zoomed in view vorpX offers several strategies how to deal with this: Auto optimizing game setting for some games, hints on startup for some games, a function called 3D-Geometry Enhancement in Geometry 3D games, various aspect ratio modes, and the option to zoom the entire image.

    For almost any game you can find a solution. In many cases in a way that makes the game look as good as a native Rift app, in others you may have to live with black bars for example.

    Please take a look at the “How to get the most out of vorpX” guide in the documentation. It explains this a bit more detailed.


    Would it be possible to restrict the mouses y coordinate but allow the head to move the mouse input in the x and y coordinates? That way you can avoid looking up with your head but be looking at the ground in game. Considering vorpx already modifies mouse input, I’m guessing this can be done. However, your head is still locked to the cross hairs as I assume that would have to be done in the game code, but it would still improve controls.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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