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    The cloud profile doesn’t work. it say it was based off a Ori. which is a unity game but B4B is a unreal engine game. if that’s the case it should be looked in too.


    I have the same issue, it won’t hook.
    I’ve been playing L4D2 in VorpX and its insanely cool.

    Can’t wait to get Back 4 Blood to work.


    Cloud profile not working is due the configuration not set to steam.

    .dll error is because of trying to add a hook.

    Dont see a way to make this work yet. If anyone has got further please post.


    I don’t think the game will work/hook due to EAC (Easy-anti-cheat). The game requires online connectivity even for solo play with ai bots as team mates. Even if it did work, EAC may detect/view Vorpx as a cheat and auto-ban you.


    EAC (Easy-anti-cheat) has a list of mods they do allow to work and unfortunately VorpX isn’t one of them..


    Also… A few people attempted to reach out to EAC and requested VorpX to be added to their accepted list. One of the Devs of VorpX “Ralph” said this :”Won’t happen. vorpX hooks too deep into the graphics pipeline. Basically all 3d functionality (even more so the memory scanner) can be misused for creating cheats.”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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