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    The latest update broke my OpenGL Second life viewer.
    We have two VorpX one updated and one not updated.
    So the one not updated still works but soner or later someone will update it and we have two broken systems.
    Is it enough to backup the VorpX directory?
    Can i move the not updated VorpX to the updated machine? They have different licenses, but i suppose the license info is in the registy so moving the files should work?


    Although your Second Life viewer is not officially supported, if you let me know what program that actually is, I’ll promise to take a look at it and see whether something is wrong. Without knowing what program you are talking about unfortunately I can’t check whether this actually is an issue related to the new vorpX version.

    Sounds rather odd though since nothing has really changed in terms of how vorpX attaches to OpenGL games. Only the G3D implementation is different. To rule out that this isn’t an unrelated issue that coincidentally occured together with the update, you might want to check the trouble shoot post above, especially the part about conflicts with other programs.


    I have done some debugging like closing everything but vorpx and my SLviewer.
    I have been using these since vorpX came out and they always worked ok.
    Latest update. No more.
    And now i do not dare to update. I use these software daily.
    It just get stuck on attach.
    I am a developer so i know how difficult it is with updates.


    I still don’t know what program you are talking about, so I have no way to check whether there actually is some issue unfortunately. I didn’t rule that out, I just consider it not very likely since the hooking method hasn’t changed. Maybe try the ‘Alternative Hooking’ checkbox in the config app.

    I would take a look at it, which is more than I usually can do for unsupported applications, but to be able to do that you have to tell me what app we are talking about.


    Wrote back but put in two links so i suppose it went to spam.


    Sorry for not answering: Got the flu.
    Second life is a virtual world with 50000 people online all hours.
    It uses a viewer to connect and it is using OpenGL. There are many Open source viewers. Firestorm is the one most used. Source here.
    There are many ways this could go wrong. It could be Geforce or Windows.

    But it worked well for many years. I will try to find the bug when i got rid of my own bug.


    hello, what happened to Second Life, I can’t use it either and it’s a very popular program

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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