bad performance in rocket league with rift S (compared to index)

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    I have both the index and now the rift S. When I try the rift s in both oculus mode and steamvr mode the performance is very bad. I have tried disabling ASW via the debug tool, turning off async render, turning back on. On the index though everything is buttery smooth at 120fps. I am not sure if you have a rift s to test ralf but it’s not running very well.

    With the index though it’s very good albeit I still have the weird bug where I can to turn vorpx’s async render ON then back OFF again to get the native 120fps, or else it caps at like 60.


    I have both headsets and both headsets are used regularly during development. It is not really possible anymore for vorpX to guarantee that the headset thread runs with the full refresh rate like it was in the past.

    Seems to be an unfortunate side effect of the way both VR runtimes handle motion smoothing these days. It started with Oculus when they introduced their “Spacewarp” smoothing and since quite a while SteamVR acts similar. If you are looking for full FPS gaming, the best you can do is making sure a game taxes the GPU as little as possible and hope the headset runtimes don’t decide to throttle.


    I notice you’re capped at 60fps, half of your native refresh. I am capped at 40fps, half of my native 80hz.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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