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    I know I’m putting this here and all I will get is a biased reply, but I have been reading reviews on this product and tbh most of them are bad. I also noticed that the bad reviews are about 1 year to 6 months ago. Has this product updated itself enough to actually work the way it’s supposed too? please hones opinions….

    I also know that the Oculus Rift is an experimental piece of hardware and is still in development so not all will work fully and I also know that this product basically forces older ‘not supported’ games to work and bugs/glitches can happen.


    I bought VorpX a while ago and tried it in different games, but couldn`t play one of them for a longer time, for different reasons.
    For one, the head tracking is coupled with the mouse movement, which introduces some lag and makes it hard to get proper head tracking speed because you have to calibrate the speed by yourself, by changing the mouse speed.
    Another problem is the image distortion
    <img src=”; alt=”” />
    the problem with that is not, the distortion itself, but that the (fisheye)distortion changes when you move your head
    <a href=””></a&gt;
    (The distortion in VorpX is not as hefty as in the video).
    These two things break immersion completely for me and make me feel sick really quick (sometimes in seconds).
    But there are three other problems,
    one is the Hud, which is not in your vision in almost every game, to view it, you have to use “edge peek” (lets you view the edges of the screen), which is very annoying.
    <img src=”; alt=”” />
    The other things are are the lack of proper 3D depth calibration, the default value is not the right value and since you have no calibration tool, you have to guess, which is the right value
    and the proper fov adjustment (the inbuilt adjuster often causes glitches and culling).
    (eye seperation and 3D FOV Enhancement)
    <img src=”; alt=”” />

    But there are positive aspects too, for example the cinema mode, which lets you play the game on a huge screen in front of you and dx 10 and 11 support.
    <img src=”; alt=”” />

    I (and others) mentioned most of those problems, but didn`t get a reply and I know that fixes for this are possible because there is a free dx9 VR driver with none of these problems, 3D calibration, HUD placed in vision, head tracking decoupled, fov correction… (often offers a VR experience nearly or completely as good as “native” implementation (played a few games with it (to the end))). The downsides of that driver are the lack of dx10 and 11 compatibility and the support for less game (because profiles need more time).


    Unfortunately necessary rumor control. You can complain about vorpX, but stick to the facts. Not much of your post is true.

    You also received answers to your prior four posts here on the forum, so I’m not sure what that part is about. Consider this a troll warning.

    – No driver decouples head tracking from movement
    – vorpX can scale the HUD in MANY, if not most Geometry 3D games.
    – Head tracking sensitivity can be tuned in the vorpX ingame menu (explained in two basic guides)
    – Default values are dialed in for most games in a quite natural way. Certainly not worse than this is done elsewhere.
    – FOV correction is available for a lot of games as a perfect one click solution in the Game Optimizer, for other games there are other options (explained in a guide).
    – If you have distortion issues with later vorpX versions, it might be the case that you changed settings that should be better left untouched (for example the vignette scale)
    – Profiles probably take more time in vorpX, as usually profiles have to be created for Geometry 3D + Z-Buffer 3D, and as you correctly mentioned often more than one API.
    – …


    The problem with Vorpx is that it requires some tweaking to get it to work. Most people were hoping the be playing Skyrim in perfect vr from the get go, and it doesn’t work like that, you can actually get Skyrim to play I near perfect vr, but you will have to tweak fov, 3d depth, mouse sensitivity and so on. Right now there are a lot of profiles in the vorpx options to optimize settings that help a lot setting it up, but it wasn’t like this at the beginning.

    So when someone bought it and had the image completely zoomed, with bad headtracking and awful 3d effect at the wrong resolution, they thought the software was awful, and the fact was that it wasn’t set up correctly.

    At this point Vorpx is really good for beta software, and the best game injector for VR, but it will take some time to learn all the options and how to set them up correctly. I think it will always be the nature of the beast, since we are trying to play games in VR that were never designed for that, however the profiles help immensely with that, and it can only get better.

    I’m really grateful for the software since I think many current games fit perfectly to play in VR, and they are pushing a lot of updates with lots of new games and changes, so I think my money is well invested. It will take years for a solid library of VR games to arrive, so it fills a need for VR software pretty well until then.

    @Nip0c There are options in the in game vorpx menu to fine tune headtracking sensitivity if mouse sensitivity tweaking isn’t enough (HT something, I don’t remember right now) . There’s also a 3d depth option apart from 3d fov adjustment that works well for me. Using too much 3d fov breaks 3d geometry frequently, so you always have to find a balance between tweaking the native game fov from options or ini, 3d fov and the image ratio option. There’re also hud options to minimize the need to use edge peek, it depends on each game though.


    It’s impossible to completely take away all need for tweaking unfortunately.

    The basic guide that explains what has to be done prior to playing a game is linked so obviously and from so many places in the config app in the meantime that I’m always a bit surprised when questions come up that are answered there in detail.


    I’ve said it once Ill say it again. Would you buy a one-size-fits-all pants and expect them to fit everyone snug as a bug in a rug? Come on dudes. It’s ALWAYS going to need adjustments. Can you just pop on someone else’s glasses and go on down the road whistling Dixie? If you answered yes then maybe VR isn’t best for you.

    FACT: vorpX kicks ass.


    Hi again,
    to you first point, they call the feature VRboost and the feature is described like this:

    …to reduce latency to bare minimum, to make it possible to separate head tracking from mouse control, to allow game controllers to properly function…

    and since I tried a few games it seems to work

    to the second, I tried borderlands 2 and bioshock infinite again and the Hud is still in the lower left and upper right corner, where I can´t see it without “edge peek,” but I don`t know if this is the case in other games
    (this is how borderlands 2 looks in the other driver with Hud moved into vision)
    <img src=”; alt=”” />

    to the third, not the default value is the problem for me, but the lack of a calibration tool
    (like this one)
    <img src=”; alt=”” />

    to the fourth, your right, I didn´t thought about the Game Optimizer

    to the fifth, I didn´t change any settings and you even mentioned the fisheye effect yourself, you said that smart AR introduces vertical distortion, but others said too that it´s also a problem in other modes.
    <a href=””></a&gt;
    This problem becomes less obvious with a higher fov (but is still noticeable) and might be only bothering me (it´s not that game breaking as it might sound in my first post). I`ll try changing some options again and see if this will help.

    to the last, with “more time,” I meant creating the VRboost profile since they need cheat engine for them (tried to make my own profile and it took an enormous amount of time, more than the shader profile), but I never created Vorpx profiles, so I don`t know how much work it is, so I´ll just believe you.

    I dont think VorpX is a bad driver and I appreciate how much work you put into this and I also appreciate the features that you add with every release. I have much fun with the cinema mode, which works really well and is perfect for third person games and if you calibrate the driver right (head tracking, 3D depth ...), the normal mode can also be an enjoyable experience (if you pause now and then and dont move your head quick, to prevent motion sickness).

    My first post (maybe even this one) may seem a bit harsh because I mostly mentioned problems, but I didn´t want them to seem insignificant and I also didn´t write my opinion or conclusion.

    And my conclusion is that VorpX is still a beta driver and all problems can be fixed and even in this state the experience can be enjoyable. Compared to the other driver, VorpX isn´t the losing one (even if it may sound like this), the other driver got rid of many of the problems I mentioned here, but VorpX has more features, a bigger forum, is definitely more user-friendly, has (in my opinion) a better “basis” and therefore more potential (Both have there pros and cons).

    And to answer the question, yes it has added enough (many) features, like position tracking, (I think) the game optimizer, fov enhancement, updated profiles… to be an enjoyable experience (as mentioned above).


    I went away, after I started writing my reply, so i didn`t saw the other replys and were only referring to ralfs post.
    And to the tweaking thing, I name only things that couldn`t be tweaked or could be made easier to tweak (except the fov thing, I was wrong there).
    And as said, I see the potential (I really like the game optimizer), know that games need to be tweaked (I tweak every game, till I think it looks right) and I also know that it`s still in beta and will become better.


    – HUD Scaling options are on the display page of the vorpX ingame menu, if available. Guaranteed for Bioshock 2 and many, many, many other games, not 100% sure for Infinite currently. At least after being told so above you might have looked for that.

    – If the FOV is set correctly there is no fisheye effect. The general issue (which was a feature – but not a good idea – to address aspect ratio in the very first vorpX version) is so long gone, that I did almost forget about it until today.

    – There is a latency enhancement option on the head tracking page of the ingame menu in vorpX that applies an additional rotation component at the latest possible time (when the stereo 3D is created) in Geometry 3D games. In some cases that works worse, in others better than “VR-Boost”, which sometimes works quite well and sometimes is just snake oil.

    – There is not a single game in any driver that allows you to look in another direction than you walk. No matter what anyone writes. Do you have a working example of that?

    – Your posts aren’t “a bit harsh”, in large parts they are simply not true or leave out things.

    I leave you to your opinion. There is however not a single point you mention that vorpX does not address one way or the other. And the amount of things that you got wrong makes it pretty hard to believe that this is pure oversight, sorry. I grant you the benefit of the doubt this time. Probably a mistake.


    thank you all for your honest opinion and it was nice to see a little heated discussion about the cons to this driver.

    I think I will get it, as most of the reviews I read about it sounds as thought the users that wrote the reviews are being ‘lazy’ and cant be bothered with creating profiles or playing with settings.


    HUD scaling is not available for Bioshock Infinite, The Witcher or Mass Effect, which are the games I played the most and with the new driver and I think this feature is new (correct me if im false again), which may be why I didn´t found it in other games that I tweaked a while ago.

    The fisheye effect is present for me regardless wich settings I use (also the default ones) and it may be not the distortion you think I mean, its a slight stretching when I move my head and its also noticeable in vireio, but much weaker, thats why it doesn´t bother me there and it´s not existant in Oculus Demos.
    I didnt found a fix for that.

    A tool to help finding the right depth isnt implemented either, you can change the depth, but don´t know if it is the right.

    The latency enhancement is there, I never said its not, but it doesnt help against my motion sickness, so it´s useless for me.

    And I never said, that you could`t tweak the head tracking in the VorpX menu, but its still nearly impossible to make it work perfekt (and I mean perfect), this could by seperating head tracking and mouse movement, which hasn´t been done.

    So much to

    There is however not a single point you mention that vorpX does not address one way or the other.


    Do the games you mention work in the other driver at all? Maybe you want to try Mass Effect 2 and 3 or The Witcher 2 in regard to HUD scaling or one of the many other games that have this feature.

    I grant you the benefit of the doubt one last time before I finally will assume that you are simply trolling here for whatever reason.

    Since we accidentally compared programs so much here, which I normally do not do, please allow me to repeat a few “little” things vorpX does more than others, in case someone stumbles upon this and takes what you say for granted.

    – Two 3D modes in many games to either prefer speed or 3D quality
    – Four or five times as many games supported
    – DX9, DX10, DX11 instead of just DX9
    – The new Virtual Cinema Mode for all three APIs, allowing you to play almost any DX9-DX11 game in your Rift
    – Quite a bit better performance in important tiles like Skyrim


    I Mentioned the Pros of VorpX, I mentioned
    -the cinema mode
    -the support for dx 9, 10, 11
    -the support for more games
    -the better basis
    -the better forum
    -the higher potential
    -the great updates
    -the user-friendlyness
    -and the many features

    I also said that I have fun with Vorpx and that it can be an enjoyable experience when the games are tweaked right.

    The main points of my critisism were that I get motion sickness from it, which is why i mentioned the head tracking and the image “distortion” as possible reasons for that problem. (motion sickness will propably be fixed by Oculus anyway or I get used to the Rift and it resolves itself)

    The other things were suggestions, that would make VorpX more user-friendly and easier to use (like two 2D dots in each view, that would allow better 3D depths calibration through aligning them)

    I just wanted to create a discussion, thats why I wrote that negative, so that others defend (or attack too) and many opinions are shown and the pros and cons are revealed (otherwise I wouldn`t know about the HUD calibration).
    But I also mentioned many pros (like the ones above) and made a differentiated conclusion and neither did I troll or “hated” Vorpx, I just named a few problems and said my opinion, which is that VorpX has problems (which beta programms simply have), but that it can be enjoyable when handled right and is worth it´s money.

    And I´m sorry if it looked to you, as if I´m hating you product, thats not the case, I (in fact) appreciate it.

    (next time I`ll just stick to the feedback rules)


    OK, that sounds quite a bit different to me. So I apologize for my assumption that you were trolling, which obviously was wrong.

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