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    Just bought VorpX today. I’ve tried to play CoD Black Ops 2 and CoD Black Ops 1 on my DK2.
    I read on the net some Config to place with “DEL” Button inside the game. But i can’t find a good experience.

    The two images are too far, and i see all doubled on my rift (like the 3D is too strong).

    Changing the options didn’t solve the problem.

    Any advice? :)

    Thank you :D


    Please check for the following things:

    1. Do not use an Oculus profile in the vorpX config app, that is slightly buggy currently. Instead dial in your IPD manually, you might have to set it a bit lower than your real IPD.

    2. Make sure to set all games to 1920×1080 prior to using them with vorpX on a DK2.

    3. If you still have trouble converging after that, try to lower the 3D Strength parameter below the default 1.0. In case you have expert settings enabled in vorpX, make sure to leave the Focal Offset parameter at the default slightly above 0.0 (0.03 in most cases). Changing it is not recommended and a common source for convergence issues.

    You can restore profiles to their default values on the trouble shooting page of the config app BTW.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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