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    I just bought a G2 VR Headset and am waiting for my 3080 to arrive next week.
    I figured I would look into VorpX and how useful it is.
    I don’t mind purchasing it if it works, but from what I hear zbuffer isn’t substantially better way to play games compared to normal Monitor. So my questions are just about the G3D games.

    1) Is the list of supported Stereo 3D upto date? I am guessing Stereo 3D is Geometry 3D? I am asking because someone posted another list of games that were G3D and had games like Witcher 3 in there, which are not present on the supported Stereo 3D list. And games like Darksiders 3 are on the Stereo 3D, but not listed by that post.

    Geometry VR Game List.

    2) I know that we can mess around and get some degree of 3D work, but I would rather know more about the games that definitely work which would factor into my decision to purchase.

    3) There is a dearth of arcade racing games in VR. I do like the Need for Speed series, and though I haven’t played it for years, I still have bought some of the new ones and I own a racing wheel. Are there any recent NFS games supported with G3D that are not on either list? Are there player profiles that would be considered almost as good as official? Even if I have to play in Third person view instead of indoor view.

    4) Is enabling G3D going to cause a significant performance hit? Playing games @ 100% in SteamVR ends up with a resolution of about 4k each eye, which is already very resource intensive. I am hoping that after turning some settings down, I will be able to hit 6k @ 90 FPS in some of the older games (4 years+) with an RTX 3080. Any experiences with a similar setup would be appreciated.

    5) Do any DLSS games work well in G3D? Just curious. I guess I am mainly curious about Control. Cyberpunk 2077, I would play on flat screen for now.

    I really do like the idea of playing normal games with head tracking in proper Stereo 3D and normal keyboard/mouse controls. Just hoping there is support for enough games I like that I can take the plunge.

    Thanks for the help guys.


    “zbuffer isn’t substantially better way to play games compared to normal Monitor”

    Huh? I’m a dedicated gamer and I will never play anything on flat monitor again as long as I live. It is much better than flat. Its stereo 3D.


    The quality of depth map based Z3D depends on the title, really. Some titles barely look 3D at all while others are great. The Evil Within is fantastic using Tridef’s Power 3D.

    General rule of thumb for G3D is twice the GPU processing power and add 10% for VorpX.


    Reason for that is that I dislike playing certain games as they trigger migraines for me. Typically its low FOV games. Im getting much better over the years, but I can still feel a pressure when I play those game, and some games I would avoid completely.

    VR headset is similar “pressure”. I am hoping that I will get used to it eventually, but I doubt I would be able to play long sessions in a headset like I can on my monitor. If there is no Stereo 3D, I am quite certain that I will find my monitor to be more comfortable. It might change in future, but its certainly not something that will factor into my purchasing decision right now.


    Wait… Twice the power? At 100%, the headset needs 4k resolution per eye. Are you saying that its double that with VorpX on top?
    I mean, I can understand that the GPU has to calculate twice, but its only displaying both images @ 4k each instead of 6k each. I guess, CPU usage will spike, as it calculates the geometry twice, but since each eye is half the resolution of overall headset, it should result in a significantly less power needed than a flat out 2x. Any benchmarks out there comparing zbuffer vs G3D?


    Yes, Geometry 3D renders the game twice, once for each eye, so you’ll need more than twice the GPU horsepower if you want some overhead. I’d recommend a 2080ti or better.

    While the G2 is 4K (2K per eye) you can set the rendering resolution within the game itself to whatever you like and the Reverb looks quite good running in half resolution mode from everything I’ve read.

    Control is a demanding title even with DLSS, so be prepared play around with settings or settle for Z3D. There’s also the option to use Virtual Desktop with ReShade’s “SuperDepth 3D” shader.


    Rahul, geometry isn’t the main issue, it the rasterization.


    For me I first got Vorpx about 4 years ago. Back then it was hit or miss. But it has gotten much better. Think of it like a tool set where you will have to spend some time figuring out how it works but you will be rewarded with being able to get a handful of very good VR experiences that you would otherwise not be able to get. Not everything is going to work as well as you would like but for what you will get to work, it will be worth it.


    All right. Expecting a big performance hit then.
    But I like the idea of being able to experiment with some older games. I know I wont be able to play most games, but it might be fun playing just some of them. Based on what I have read, I just bought it. Will test it out tomorrow after I get my 3080.

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