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    I have a few basic questions, & I am really sorry if this seems obvious or basic to most people. I am not generally stupid, but I am having trouble grasping some basics here, as I try to get one or two games looking and playing correctly in vorpx.

    Firstly, please, when you talk of changing resolutions to get the best possible image in the headset, can I have some clarification.

    For example, where you recommend 1920 x 1440, my monitor is 1920 x 1080, and I have an ATI GPU. So are you referring to desktop resolution, (which I obviously could not achieve in this case), or GAME resolution, which I could achieve by using windowed mode?

    1) So, if I set the game resolution, and windowed mode, THAT is what will influence the initial image quality, prior to any other tweaks ?

    2) What is it that determines whether a game works in full VR or not? I mean, I am currently trying to get Legend of Grimrock in full vr, but it seems stupid if it has already been determined to be unachievable – since vorpx has been around a few years now, surely every new user that comes along shouldn’t be going over the same ground? It is either possible or not, but I can find no definitive list that tells me if I’m wasting my time or not.

    3) Using Legend of Grimrock again as an example, when I do switch it to full vr, my entire view moves with the headset. i.e. there is no free head movement within the game. Is there a way to solve this, or does this mean it will not be workable in full vr no matter what?
    I am never averse to tweaking, modding, or any amount of trial and error, but again, I don’t want to waste my time if it has long ago been discovered to be impossible with a particular game. I get the same ‘scene moving with headset’ issue with F1 2017, and I’m confused because I have seen a youtube video where their head is moving freely within the game.

    Again, I am sorry if these questions seem tedious, but any straightforward answers to them would be appreciated.


    1) The game resolution is the single most important setting in regard to image quality. 1440p roughly means native quality in full VR mode. The higher the better.

    2) Whether playing a game in full VR mode makes sense is defined by the type of game. As a rule of thumb first person games with mouselook are full VR candidates while most other games are better played in immersive screen/cinema mode. Also interface heavy games (i.e. games where you spend a lot of time clicking buttons/icons) are better suited for cinema mode.

    3) If the game has no option to enable free mouselook, vorpX typically can’t add that.


    Thanks again for the prompt replies Ralph, I will hopefully get to grips with it all soon.


    One thing I forgot: If a game is set to immersive screen/cinema mode per default, you can be 99% sure that that makes most sense. If games are suitable for full VR mode they default to full VR and vice versa.


    Understood, thanks again Ralph.
    In relation to Legend of Grimrock, the head movement is locked to the right mouse button, so full vr actually works (!) when the right mouse is held down.

    Having said that, the profile as it stands (defaulting to immersive mode), really is immersive in the dungeon, and I can certainly see me playing through this game again using vorpx in eithe rof these modes.

    I feel I will gradually learn a bit more about each game’s settings as I go along, but I certainly take what you say that the profiles are a pretty solid indication of the best setting.

    Thank you again for the patient replies

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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