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    Will this driver support true stereoscopic 3D or Depth Buffer 3D for BF3?

    Will this driver support head tracking for BF3?



    Headtracking is supported for almost everything, including BF3 of course. Geometry 3D for DX11 titles isn’t 100% there yet, but that will change, *maybe* even before the public beta release, but most likely some time later.

    Unless you have a high end rig, BF3 is one the titles where the main advantage of the Z-Buffer mode (SPEED!) outweighs its disadvantages by far anyway.

    On a sidenote: I know that people have different opinions about this, and there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Always beware of people who try to sell their opinions as truth. But as far as I’m concerned, constant 60fps are *much* more important than the kind of stereoscopy. I even play some titles with perfectly working Geometry 3D in Z-Buffer mode because of this.

    Stereoscopy adds to the immersion, but it’s not the most important thing. Don’t believe me? Just close one eye and see whether you are still immersed in the real world or not. ;) The great thing about VR is being able to move and act inside the virtual world as naturally as possible. That is what really sets the Rift apart from playing games on a monitor, and that is what makes the experience so special. The kind of stereoscopy is just a (small) part of the equation.


    Hi Ralph,

    Thanks for the response!

    I’ve yet to receive my rift from Oculus and I’ve never tried the headset before, so I’m not really sure what to expect. You’re rationality sounds convincing enough though!

    As far as stereoscopic gaming on monitors goes (or even sony’s HMZT-1), I find geometry 3D to be ‘night and day’ compared to Z-Buffer 3D. But, like you said, the rift is not a (merely) a monitor. Only (an unreasonably long!) time will tell what my preference is. Ha! (I’m in North America, so my rift won’t be here until mid October, most likely.)

    I appreciate the information, and more importantly, your hard work.

    Looking forward to the BETA!


    So BF3 is on the supported list, now, how do I actually start the game with vorpX? I’m trying to start campaign.


    It should just hook up when you start the campaign from the battlelog. Normally there shouldn’t be anything special to consider.


    It’s about a 50% hit rate for starting BF3 for me at the moment.
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

    Working scenarios:
    Sometimes it starts immediately and I will get the VorpX splash screen until
    BF3 loads up, other times it sort of stutters between the splash screen and the BF3 loading splash, other times there will be no splash screen and it does the usual BF3 thing of waiting in Battlelog until the game is ready and then goes into game. All of those scenarios work with the Rift.

    Non working scenarios:
    The times when it does not work it simply just does nothing, no splash, no stuttering. BF3 loads up without VorpX support.

    In saying that I’ve had plenty of time in game already, took me about 30 mins to get a set up which had a good feeling of immersion. Do not attempt to fly anything though as you will crash extremely quickly because of head tracking controlling the flight as well as joystick/mouse. It can be done but you need really good focus in not moving your head one bit.

    Infantry/tank combat is excellent, I cant wait for BF4 support as I have been playing the beta.

    Oculus Prime

    I cant get it to work on BF3. Sometimes it starts to attempt to load as the vorpx logo appears but then the screen goes blank and comes back as full screen.


    Will I be able to play Multiplayer over Internet too?
    Is VorpX detected as a possible cheat by punkbuster?


    So far we didn’t receive any reports of vorpX being detected as cheat, neither during the closed beta, nor after the public beta release. I can’t fully guarantee this though, so basically you do this on your risk at the moment.

    Now that vorpX is out we will contact Punkbuster, Steam etc. again to get vorpX officially whitelisted, which wasn’t possible until now. Until that happens, the above answer unfortunately is the best I can give you.

    Generally I’d say that there are so many image enhancement and other DX-hooks out there that aren’t actually cheats that Punkbuster and others would have a hard time if they classified all of these as cheating. But as said above, no guarantees.

    Using a Rift in BF3 multiplayer is more a handicap than a cheat btw.. That at least is my experience based on a short test. ;)


    You´re certainly right regarding the advantage/disadvantage playing with the rift but I would love to try as Heli Gunner or in a jet… :-)


    Hello again,

    so I just bought and tested, its working for now.
    But Im having another problem concerning Freelook in Jet or Helicopter.
    It doesn´t work for me, almost sure it´s a bf3 key configuration thing but can´t figure it out…
    Had it bound to Cooliehat on Joystick so I unbound all Freelook Keys in the Configuration without success.

    Anyone has it working?



    I just see that it´s just working in the jeep. I know that I could look around with mouse. Tank or any airplane is not working (although rolling works in Heli and Jet Cockpit…)
    How do I get the game to use Rift Headtracking for Freelook?
    When not in a vehicle Headtracking works but it affects the Crosshair (which is not visible) to 100% so its never real free looking, it is bound to the crosshair. Can I change this too?
    Thanks for any help!

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