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    Hi people

    I’ve tried to run battlefield 3 with vorpx but it looks like it doesn’t work at all. all I hear is loading screen music and I can see the vorpx logo that’s it. nothing more. after that the game crashes.
    Is there any method I should do or any solutions for this problem?


    Hi Abdulal,

    please no support requests here, use the General section of the forum instead. Thank you.

    To answer your question:

    Battlefield 3 is one of those games that might take several times to hook up. For me the latest vorpX version works almost every time now when starting the campaign through battlelog, but obviously that’s not the case for you. Just try a few times, eventually it should work.

    You might also want to exclude bf3.exe, vorpControl.exe and vorpX.dll from your virus scanner. The way some scanners monitor memory might interfere with vorpX.

    Also: please take a look at the trouble shooting sticky in the general section of the forum, maybe there is something useful.


    If you have trouble to get vorpX to hook in Battlefield 3, this might help (singleplayer campaign only):

    1. Create a vorpX desktop shortcut to bf3.exe (“Create Desktop Shortcut”) from the vorpX tray right click menu. These shortcuts usually hook more reliably than the automatic detection, but due to EAs Battlelog this does not work in BF3 normally.

    2. In Origin, click the “Origin” menu and go offline. This will disable all online modes of BF3, but also will allow BF3 to start without Battlelog.

    3. Use the vorpX shortcut created in step 1 to start BF3, this will take you straigt to the single player campaign. You may see a black screen for a while, until BF3 is loaded.

    If you experience double injection (unlikely but possible), pause the vorpX Watcher when using shortcuts.


    Thanks for all the information Ralf.
    the game still won’t work. I’ve tried many methods of opening the game and I’ve tried disabling my anti-virus program.
    all I get is the vorpx logo at the bottom of the game screen that’s it. I can hear the game sound but no visual and when I try to click anywhere on the game. the game simply crashes.
    could the settings of having the oculus rift as secondary screen be a problem?
    whether to choose to duplicate the screens or extend them or show on of them?

    keep up the good work!


    I’ve been able to play online since i downloaded vorpx. The only issue I’ve been having is that sometimes the head tracking doesn’t work, if that happens i restart and im good.

    When it loads and you see the Vorpx logo try alt-tabbing in and out. Its usually a black screen for me too when i first load. However it doesn’t crash.

    good luck man!


    I had some problems with this but following Ralf’s advice works.. sometimes.
    I’ve found that when it doesn’t work, I have to set it to windowed mode and then it’ll work just fine without crashing.

    If I start the game in fullscreen it crashes most of the time, and starting the game from battlelog makes VorpX not recognize it sometimes.

    So basically follow Ralf’s advice, set a shortcut for the game, set the game to windowed mode (start it without VorpX to change settings, or change the settings file manually) then maximize it (it looks fine you see no bars or anything) and with that it worked every time so far for me.

    PS: The jet mission if amazing in the rift. Highly recommended.


    For Separate Gun and Head Tracking, like when playing VR in Team Fortress 2, is it possible to use ‘VorpX’ and ‘Opentrack’ at the same time?

    I just got VorpX and have used it for COD Ghosts, and Battlefield 4. Its great! the only thing that is missing is separate Headtracking to Gun Tracking.

    I saw this video of some guy playing Arma 3 with Separate tracking using ‘Opentrack’ and ‘VorpX’ what do you think??? BTW I have never used Opentrack.

    link to vid:

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