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    ok so got bf4 to reliably hook and display all good there but for some reason it refuses to align the two images i’ve screwed with the fov both up and down from 70 to 120 degrees the 120 came close but still very bad double image.
    i’ve also tried all the different aspect settings
    any help would be greatly appreciated


    Not quite sure what you mean here… Do you mean it’s not showing the same image to both eyes (one image across the whole screen, each eye is looking at one half of the image)

    If you’re having trouble with it showing two different images to each eye, try playing the game via the 32 bit client (Right click BF4 in Origin, hit “Game Properties” and change the dropdown menu “when launching this game” to X86).

    If you want to run it in 64bit, make a vorpx shortcut to BF4’s 64 bit .EXE (to make a shortcut, right click on the little vorpx icon on your taskbar, hit “Create Desktop Shortcut” and find “bf4.exe” in your origin games/battlefield 4 folder). I’ve found this usually makes the game work properly if you start vorpx, start origin, run the shortcut(which won’t actually start the game, it just tries to make Vorpx recognize BF4 64 bit as a useable process), and then join a game via battlelog… Sometimes it doesn’t work, just have to close BF4 and run the shortcut again, and then join another game.

    You will have to do this every time you want to play BF4… If you don’t want to go through all that, just run it in 32 bit.


    ya sorry
    i figure it out it was the IPD bug i was not aware of it and was using the oculus config’s profile
    consequently i have found that either the measurement function of the config utility is either wrong or vorpx’s is wrong the oculus utility says i’m 71.4 on the IPD while that same number in vorpx seems a bit blurry while a range of 62.8 to 63.6 seems perfect in vorpx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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