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    I just got vorpx- I have an htc vive and battlefield V but I can’t get BFV to run in vorpx at all- doesn’t show up on the Hmd (even though I get the notification on my desktop ‘attaching to bfv.exe’ and BFV is supposed to work stock)- any ideas what I need to do to get it to run? Since BFV is an origin title and not on steam do I have to make it run through steam as a non steam game to make it run in vorpx since I am using steam vr and not oculus or not necessary for non steam games? Is there something in the graphics settings I need to change before hand to make it work? Like stop directx 12 and make it direct x 11? (I managed to get Battlefield 1 and Just Cause 3 to work so far) -Thank you for any feedback


    The game has indeed to run in DX11 mode. vorpX should take care of that automatically, but maybe that failed for some reason.


    I got the same problem in BFV and Battlefront 2. I just cant get it to start on my new PC. The “attaching to exe” message appears and nothing else happens. I have to ctrl,alt,delete to exit process.

    Im using a WMR (g2) and setting Vorpx from OpenXR to Steam lets the game start but it constantly crashes when entering game menu.

    Please help, id love to play this in my hmd


    I managed to get it run by setting vorpx to start as admin

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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