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    Remake of Battlezone 2 with improved graphics / modern GUI for Steam matchmaking etc. etc. etc. released TODAY. (March 1)

    For those who don’t know, Battlezone (and BZ:2) is a classic RTS/FPS hybrid where you pilot ships and vehicles around while building a base / commanding units.

    It was pretty much made for VorpX.

    GO GO GO


    Zero Engine, right? The one they used for the two old Star Wars: Battlefront games. Might be worth trying that profile.


    Well it hooks on a cloud Battlefront II 2005 profile with Z modes available but they don’t seem to do much, no 3D depth. Looks nice and crisp tho, with excellent performance but the sliding around is going to make some folks very queasy fast. Will try a few more profiles.



    Yes, please Ralf… This game is a legend for old hardcore gamers ! ;)

    If we could get some help to get G3D or DirectVR if possible, this game use DX11.

    Vorpx works when i launch VorpX & Battlezone2.exe with Admin rights, but dont have G3D and Game HUD Scale doesnt work.

    We need also some tips about best resolution to use for this game in VR (Rift)

    Maybe we have to use Tridef 3D & VorpX together ? Dont know… I need to try it.


    Anyone have any luck with this yet? Any good profiles that might work?




    BUMP this thread, just found it after thinking about my brother and our BZ2 play sessions and writing a eulogy of sorts on the BZ Steam forum. Found it the first click, didn’t realize he was the one trying to get this done on the VorpX. How’s that for coincidence.

    Adam and I used to play BZ2 together and he’d beat me everytime. Then we installed this one MOD and I beat him so bad he refused to play the game ever again. I think he was 7 or 8 yearsold at the time. This game held a lot of good memories for us, I would love to see it in VR… more importantly I’d like to see it to complete it for my brother. He died a few years ago at 33, he was the guy that bought me my VIVE headset.

    RIP Adam,

    Death is a primitive concept; I prefer to think of them as battling evil – in another dimension!
    – The Last Starfighter

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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