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    Hi, new to vorpx here and having some issues. I have the index and windows 10. Can someone help me with the following?

    I noticed that vorpx comes with 3 files (Start vorpx, configure vorpx, vorpx desktop) but do not know when to use each of them and cannot seem to find a basic guide on steps.

    What do i do after launching steamvr? When do I launch the game? Also, vorpx seems to run in the background and does not appear on my taskbar so I cannot pause it. This means I have to enter windows task manager to shut it off or else it messed up games I want to play without using vorpx.

    Thanks in advance


    vorpX is ready to hook into games after double clicking the ‘Start vorpX’ shortcut. The desktop viewer isn’t strictly required, the important shortcuts are ‘Start vorpX’ and the config app.

    You can find various guides, including a list of games well suited for beginners, in the help that comes with vorpX. The help is either accessible from the config app, the vorpX help start menu shortcut or the right click menu of the vorpX tray icon, from there you can also pause or exit vorpX.

    The tray icon might be hidden, you can click the small up arrow near the clock to see hidden tray icons. If you want, you can make the icon visible permanently by dragging it from the hidden icons list to the taskbar. Unfortunately there is no way to do this automatically, Microsoft insists that it’s obvious enough to users how to do it…


    Thanks very much. Merry Christmas

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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