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    Firstly my expectations are not too high, love VR and prefer the immersion over super high graphics, so now I want to play some of my older games with my headset, Now I have searched and seen some information but most of it seems from may or for the rift.

    My Pc
    Win 10 64 pro
    16gb ddr4
    intel 6700k
    Asus 170 gamer pro mb
    Nvidia 1080 G1
    Samsung 950 pro M2 HD

    So my system is actually pretty good so what I am asking is how should I tweak the game (I have already followed the STEP early stuff installed most of the mods that improve performance) and Vorpx software to get the best experience.

    Thank you for any advice or suggestions


    Hey there
    I have a question. What’s the experience of Skyrim in VR? Is it good? Im going to buy a HTC Vive soon and I’d like to know ;)

    some things I’d recommend:
    -Check out the G.E.M.S Mod (
    -For visuals: Follow the Tutorial on imo these are the best graphis you can have. You might wanna go for the lower settings though since you want to run in VR.
    Hope that helped a bit. if you need any help just let me know :)


    You really need to be one of those people who don’t get motionsick to enjoy it right now I think. I wouldn’t buy a Vive expecting Skyrim to be the sell. I think it’s amazing to walk around in, but I’m not sure I’d be able to enjoy it as it is right now. It requires a lot of tinkering to get working well and you really notice how weird the proportions in the world are.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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