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    A lot of games require either a mouse+keyboard input or just a controller. Since vorpx uses the headtracking by default as mouse input, sometimes the software needs manual configuration to get looking around in games to work with a controller. I believe there are 3 distinct categories :

    1) The “clever” games that can deal with the problem themselves (example:DOOM)
    – No problem, just looking around and playing with zombies.

    2) The games that can only deal with one input device at a time. (Example: Far Cry 3)
    – These games need some configuration in vorpx. Usually setting the gamepad override to NO, and changing the “headtracking as gamepad” to RELATIVE fixes the problem. Finally adjust settings on the gamepad tab in vorpx to finetune sensitivity of the “right stick” (which is now actually the headtracking).

    3) Then there is EA, and I guess some other developers, who actually shouldn’t be allowed near a computer. Their ways of coding creates problems which I haven’t been able to solve with any configuration of vorpx just yet. (Example : Battlefield 4) In this game you can change at any given moment between the kb+mouse or controller, but don’t try to use them at the same time. All kind of weird things happen to your playing character, spinning like a toll most likely. Even configuring vorpx headtracking as if it were a gamepad doesn’t solve the problem. This is where you, my fellow vorpx user friends, come into play. I have seen people play it on YouTube with vorpx and a controller. In a sitting position that is. If you’ve got it up and running with a controller right from your lazy comfy chair, please do share your wealthy knowledge, for it’ll bring peace to a lot of us.


    If there’s any jiberish in my post, feel free to point that out as well!


    Okay, just figured out for third category the easiest way to solve is install xpadder. Probably other software options to. This program let’s me use the controller as if it were a mouse or keyboard. So I configured xpadder to use only the right stick input and output it as mouse movement (x and y axis). Left every other button unaltered. Bit a fiddle with sensitivity, and in the actual game, deleted the keybinding for the right stick. Now even battlefield 4 works just fine in Virtual Reality with a controller. No jumping/snap turning/any other weird stuff going on. Hope this helps anyone. Day 2 user of vorpx.


    vorpX has a built in gamepad emulator similar to Xpadder to deal with such issues. You can configure it per game in the vorpX ingame menu.


    There are a ton of different programs you can use to get a controller working. X padder is good but I prefer joy to key. It’s free and easier to use. There are a lot of threads about this very issue. Many games require you to set up and configure the buttons your self via a program like Xpadder or joy 2 key. Like Bethesda titles usually have to map keyboard and mouse to the controller as dual inputs wont work, or the games just don’t support controllers due to age. I’m working on Oblivion rite now and have a pretty good set up but still fine tuning it.


    Thanks for replying guys,it’s just that I could find a lot of answers spread out through different threads on this forum, but not one dedicated to it. Especially with VR a lot of people prefer playing with a controller and when there’s no native VR support, you can bet the controls aren’t optimised for such games as well. So far my reasoning to create this thread.

    I had seen something that looked like a gamepad emulator in vorpx, but couldn’t figure it out. To make this “tutorial” complete, what would be the settings in vorpx if you just want to map the right stick to mouse movement?

    I’m guessing, set gamepad override to PARTIAL and everything off apart from the right stick. But after that I’m lost…

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