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    hey guys.

    i just heard on reddit about it, and apparently it works great, anyone has feedback on it ?

    i didnt try it yet but i will for sure today, i hope it will work good and also work with vorpx, but vorpx as its own motion smoothing so i’m not sure if it will work, if it doesnt, i hope ralf will be able to allow this new motion smoothing with vorpx.

    here’s the topic

    Beta Motion smoothing is insane now.
    byu/disastorm inValveIndex


    Havn’t used the new Steam ASW, but I do have significant experience using Oculus ASW. Its must have for demanding games like FO4 vr, No man sky and MSFS2020.

    It also works great in RD2 (40fps lock), just make sure to turn off the vorpx Async render. Although it does have draw backs such as causing a stutter if the fps drops below 40fps and it causes bit of image ghosting/artifacting on fast moving objects.

    As for reprojecting 24 fps up to 144 fps, this mode probably wouldn’t work well with vorpx, although its good enough for slow paced flight sims. I personally have tried reprojecting 27fps up to 80fps in vorpx games, it doesn’t work well


    I had no idea they had rolled this out until reading these posts.

    The updated motion smoothing implementation seems to be a BIG improvement on the previous effort based on some quick and dirty tests. I previously found the oculus variant lightyears ahead of the competition and mandatory for a select few games. For comparison, I found the motion vector variant for the HP reverb to take (a somewhat distant) 2nd place, and steamVR dead last.

    Project Cars 2 and various other race/flight sims were usually a case of fidelity compromise in order to prevent steamVR’s ugly motion smoothing kicking in and introducing ghosting or oddball artefacts.

    I’d say this updated smoothing variant puts it within spitting distance of Oculus ASW. Project Cars 2 felt very smooth for me with shadow, track, car and MSAA at combinations of med/high/ultra at either 120 or 144 hz which was something I never felt previosly even when those settings were low/med at 80-90Hz to try and squueze performance out of the game.

    I could always tell when motion smoothing kicked in or was being utilised because track side detail would strobe or jitter. Now I can’t really spot it.

    I haven’t tested DCS yet, which is where I find motion smoothing sinks or swims in terms of performance, but I am hopeful based on what i’ve seen thus far.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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