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    I looked around in forums to try and find a solution before posting this. i love the head tracking combined with mouse on Star Wars Battlefront 2. But for some reason in Battlefield 1 they both fight each other and neither one works if i use both at the same time. I tried telling them to stop it but they wont listen to words. although while i was in a vehicle the head tracking and mouse was okay. For now I’m loving BF1 more but forced to play without head tracking.


    Yep, Ralf says headtracking acts as a simulated 2nd mouse, which BF1 does not seem to like. I’ve discovered this same problem in BFV as well, sadly.

    Until a proper solution is found, best alternative is use immersive/cinema mode zoomed in very close, which can give you a few degrees of “freelook” around the screen. Instead of disabling headtracking, just turn the sensitivity slider down to zero on the main page.

    Or use a controller instead. But that’s not how I game :)


    Rather odd issue indeed. What’s even more strange is that it only affects multiplayer IIRC. Makes me wonder whether it’s maybe a part of their anti-cheat measures.

    I might have forgotten the according best-played-with-a-gamepad hint in Battlefield V. Will add that for the next update.


    Thanks for the replies. I just got my first VR headset (pimax 5k plus) and am enjoying Vorpx very much. battlefront 2 and battlefield 1 are the reasons i got this and its amazing so far. This is the future.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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